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Title: 二重盲検法によるFosfomycin(FOM)とCephalexin(CEX)の尿路感染症に対する薬効比較
Authors: 宍戸, 仙太郎  KAKEN_name
渋谷, 正三  KAKEN_name
佐々木, 桂一  KAKEN_name
渋谷, 昌良  KAKEN_name
加藤, 弘彰  KAKEN_name
今林, 健一  KAKEN_name
小津, 堅輔  KAKEN_name
大沼, 徹太郎  KAKEN_name
海法, 裕男  KAKEN_name
菅原, 奎二  KAKEN_name
中野, 正和  KAKEN_name
山中, 雅夫  KAKEN_name
新田, 貴一  KAKEN_name
松下, 鈆三郎  KAKEN_name
安達, 国昭  KAKEN_name
斉藤, 克之  KAKEN_name
斉藤, 武志  KAKEN_name
宮田, 宏洋  KAKEN_name
竹内, 睦雄  KAKEN_name
千葉, 隆一  KAKEN_name
黒沢, 昌也  KAKEN_name
塩, 暢夫  KAKEN_name
天野, 滋  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: Shishito, Sentaro
Shibuya, Shozo
Sasaki, Keiichi
Shibuya, Masayoshi
Kato, Hiroaki
Imabayashi, Kenichi
Ozu, Keisuke
Ohnuma, Tetsutaro
Kaiho, Hiroo
Sugawara, Keiji
Nakano, Nobumichi
Kato, Masakazu
Yamanaka, Masao
Nitta, Kiichi
Matsushita, Shozaburo
Adachi, Kuniaki
Saito, Katsuyuki
Saito, Takeshi
Miyata, Koyo
Takeuchi, Mutsuo
Chiba, Ryuichi
Kurosawa, Masaya
Shio, Nobuo
Amano, Shigeru
Issue Date: Feb-1976
Publisher: 京都大学医学部泌尿器科学教室
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 22
Issue: 2
Start page: 157
End page: 176
Abstract: Fosfomycin (FOM, 2 g/day, p.o.) and Cephalexin (CEX, I g/day, p.o.) were administered to 132 cases of acute urinary tract infections, and the efficacy of these drugs was compared with double blind procedure. Except 2 drop-out cases, which bad not visited the hospital after the first administration of the drugs, I in FOM-group and I in CEX-group, the background of 130 cases were analyzed according to 33 articles, and it was to be satisfied in its uniformity as the subject of this trial. The final evaluation of therapeutic effect of each drug was decided according to the individual evaluation of the effect on urinary microorganism, urinary findings, and general status of the patient, except the side-effect. These results were analyzed statistically, and no significant difference was observed between these evaluations. Furthermore, X2-test, Wilcoxon's procedure, and calculation of several coefficients of correlation were carried out, but any significant difference between the action of these drugs could not be observed. As the side-effect, 6 of slight GI-tract symptoms, and increase in serum transaminase in 3 cases were observed in FOM-group, while, slight sickness in 2 cases, increase of serum transaminase in 4 cases, and increase of jaundice index in I case were observed in CEX-group, respectively. But all of these were slight and temporary, and these needed neither suspension of the drug administration nor some available therapies. With the results obtained above, it was concluded that FOM and CEX should have almost the same therapeutic effect on the simple acute urinary tract infections.
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