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Title: 複雑性尿路感染症に対するFosfomycin calciumの臨床評価 --二重盲検法によるCarbenicillin indanyl sodiumとの比較試験--
Authors: 石神, 襄次  KAKEN_name
片岡, 頌雄  KAKEN_name
谷風, 三郎  KAKEN_name
宮崎, 重  KAKEN_name
沼田, 正紀  KAKEN_name
松瀬, 幸太郎  KAKEN_name
古沢, 太郎  KAKEN_name
金田, 州弘  KAKEN_name
岡野, 准  KAKEN_name
秋田, 康年  KAKEN_name
黒田, 清輝  KAKEN_name
黒田, 守  KAKEN_name
広岡, 久兵衛  KAKEN_name
高橋, 靖昌  KAKEN_name
末光, 浩  KAKEN_name
髙田, 健一  KAKEN_name
寺杣, 一徳  KAKEN_name
彦坂, 幸治  KAKEN_name
濱見, 学  KAKEN_name
大部, 亨  KAKEN_name
田中, 邦彦  KAKEN_name
大島, 秀夫  KAKEN_name
大前, 博志  KAKEN_name
三田, 俊彦  KAKEN_name
杉本, 正行  KAKEN_name
小林, 稔  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: Ishigami, Joji
Kataoka, Nobuo
Tanikaze, Saburo
Miyazaki, Shigeru
Numata, Masanori
Matsuse, Kotaro
Furusawa, Taro
Kaneda, Kunihiro
Okano, Hitoshi
Akita, Yasutoshi
Kuroda, Kiyoteru
Kuroda, Mamoru
Hirooka, Kyubei
Takahashi, Yasumasa
Suemitsu, Hiroshi
Takada, Kenichi
Terasoma, Kazunori
Hikosaka, Koji
Hamami, Gaku
Oobe, satoshi
Tanaka, Kunihiko
Oshima, Hideo
Omae, Hiroshi
Mita, Toshihiko
Sugimoto, Masayuki
Kobayashi, Minoru
Issue Date: Sep-1978
Publisher: 京都大学医学部泌尿器科学教室
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 24
Issue: 9
Start page: 757
End page: 778
Abstract: A comparative double blind study was carried out in order to determine clinical effects, side effects and usefulness of fosfomycin calcium (FOM) in the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections, using carbenicillin indanyl sodium (ICBPC) as a control drug. The following results were obtained: 1. Out of all the 301 cases studied (151 cases from FOM group and 150 cases from ICBPC group), the therapeutic results could be evaluated with 267 cases (138 cases from FOM group and 129 cases from ICBPC group) and side effects were investigated with 296 cases (148 cases each from FOM and ICBPC groups). 2. Regarding background factors, no significant difference was found between the two groups. There was a statistically significant difference favouring FOM in the overall clinical efficacy, efficacy on pyuria, and partially in the improvement of symptoms, efficacy on bacteriuria compared to ICBPC. 3. Likewise according to physician's evaluation on the clinical efficacy and usefulness, there was a difference showing the superiority of FOM to ICBPC. 4. In view of the overall clinical efficacy in different type of infections classified by the UTI Study Group, FOM was found to be superior to ICBPC in the infections developed after prostatectomy and of the upper and the lower urinary tract infections without indwelling catheter. However, for the patients with mixed infections, there was no significant difference between two drugs. 5. Analysis of the bacteriological response by causative organisms revealed that the efficacy of FOM was superior to ICBPC against Serratia and E. coli, although there was no significant difference in the efficacy against Pseudomonas, Proteus and Klebsiella. 6. With respect to side effects and changes in laboratory findings, no significant difference was observed between FOM group and ICBPC group. Thus, FOM is an available drug in the therapy of complicated urinary tract infections.
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