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Title: Abstracts of papers published in 1964
Issue Date: 25-Mar-1965
Publisher: Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University
Journal title: Bulletin of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute
Volume: 14
Issue: 4
Start page: 1
End page: 66
Table of contents: On the Application of Seismic Prospecting in Engineering Projects / Soji YOSHIKAWA, Choro KITSUNEZAKI [1-1]
On the Refraction of a Cylindrical Pulse in an Infinite Elastic Medium with a Single Rigid Layer / Michiyasu SHIMA [1-2]
On the Diffraction of Elastic Plane Pulses by the Crack of a Half Plane (Three Dimensional Problem) / Michiyasu SHIMA [2-3]
Source-Mechanism of the Chilean Earthquake from Spectra of Long-Period Surface Waves / Tatsuhiko WADA, Tamotsu FURUZAWA, Hiroyasu ONO [3-4]
On the Short Period Volcanic Micro-Tremore at Mt. Aso / Shigetomi KIKUCHI [4-5]
On Anomalous Crustal Deformation Observed before Some Recent Earthquakes (Part II) / Eiichi NISHIMURA, Yutaka TANAKA [5-6]
On the Relation between the Activity of Earthquakes and the Crustal Deformation in Yoshino District / Eiichi NISHIMURA [6-7]
Study on the Relation between Local Earthquakes and Minute Ground Deformation at Wakayama (Part 3) / Torao TANAKA [7-7]
Study on the Relation between Local Earthquakes and Minute Ground Deformation, Part 1. On Some Statistical Results from Local Earthquakes Occurred in the Wakayama District / Torao TANAKA [8-8]
Determination of Local Phase Velocity by Intercomparison of Seismograms from Strain and Pendulum Instruments / Takeshi MIKUMO, Keiiti AKI [9-9]
Investigation on the Origin Mechanism of Earthquakes by the Fourier Analysis of Seismic Body Waves (I) / Yoshimichi KISHIMOTO [10-10]
Free Oscillations of the Earth Observed by a Gravimeter at Brussels / Ichiro NAKAGAWA, Paul MELCHIOR, Hitoshi TAKEUCHI [10-11]
A Program for Lecolazet's Method in Harmonic Analysis written for IBM 7094 / Ichiro NAKAGAWA [11-12]
On the Characteristic Numbers derived from Tidal Observations / Ichiro NAKAGAWA [12-13]
On the Natural Periods of Vibration of Structures Measured from Field Survey / Kiyoshi KANETA [13-14]
Report on t he Preliminary Survey of Building Damage Due to the 1964 Niigata Earthquake / Kiyoshi KANETA, Yoshihiro TAKEUCHI, Teizo FUJIWARA [14-15]
Experimental Studies on the Buckling Strength of Angles / Yoshitsura YOKOO, Minoru WAKABAYASHI, Taijiro NONAKA [15-16]
Aseismic Design Method of Elato-Plastic Building Structures / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI [16-16]
Earthquake Response of Elasto-Plastic Multi-Story Building Structure / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI [17-17]
Ground Compliance of Rectangular Foundation and its Simulation / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI, Yutaka INOUE [18-18]
Earthquake Response of the Structure, Considering the Effect of Ground Compliance / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI, Yutaka INOUE [19-19]
Dynamical Properties of an Elastic Ground / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI, Tamotsu SUZUKI [20-20]
Aseismic Design Method for an Elasto-Plastic Tall Building Structure / Ryo TANABASHI, Takuji KOBORI [21-21]
On the Simulation of Coupled Ground-Mass System, Based on Dynamical Ground Compliance / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI, Yutaka INOUE, Tamotsu SUZUZUKI [22-22]
Linear Earthquake Response of the Elastic Structural System, Considering the Effect of Dynamical Ground Compliance / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI, Yutaka INOUE [23-23]
Non-linear Earthquake Responses of the Elasto-plastic Structural System Considering the Effect of Dynamical Ground Compliance / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI, Yutaka INOUE [24-24]
Complex Eigenvalue Problem in Structural System Having the Approximate Transfer Function of a Foundation on Elastic Ground / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI, Tamotsu SUZUKI [25-25]
Numerical Computation of the Autocorrelation Function and the Spectral Density / Takuji KOBORI, Ryoichiro MINAI, Yoshihiro TAKEUCHI [26-26]
Elasto-plastic Analysis of Framed Structures with Diagonal Bracings (I) / Koji MIZUHATA [27-27]
Elasto-plastic Analysis of Framed Structures with Diagonal Bracings (II) / Takuji KOBORI, Koji MIZUHATA, Hideo KUMADA [28-28]
Hydraulic Mechanism of Run-Off / Yasuo ISHIHARA [28-29]
Application of Probability Theory of Two-Dimensions in Determining Design Flood / Yasuo ISHIHARA, Masashi NAGAO [29-30]
A Study on the Transformation System During Flood Runoff / Tojiro ISHIHARA, Takuma TAKASAO [30-31]
Studies on Flood Caused by Snow-Melt / Katsumasa YANO [31-32]
Studies on Hydraulic Jump and Its Effect on Energy Dissipation / Hiroji NAKAGAWA [32-33]
On Secular Change of Inflow in Lake Biwa / Masashi NAGAO [33-33]
Study on Automatic Operation of Gate for Flood Control -Hydraulic Behavior of Water Flow Controlled by Gate - / Yasuo ISHIHARA, Hiroshi SATO [34-34]
Study on the Sedimentation of Suspended Sediment in Reservoirs / Katsumasa YANO, Kazuo ASHIDA, Atsuyuki DAIDO, Takeshi MAEDA [34-35]
Study On Reservoir Sedimentation (3) -On the Back-Sand Phenomena- / Katsumasa YANO, Kazuo ASHIDA, Yuichiro TANAKA [35-36]
Study on the Sedimentation in an Abrupt Expansion / Kazuo ASHIDA, Hiroshi MIYAI [36-37]
On River Bed Variations and Stable Channels' in Alluvial Streams / Kazuo ASHIDA [37-38]
Fundamental Study on Mud-Flow (IV) / Katsumasa YANO, Atsuyuki DAIDO [38-39]
On the Artificial Strip Roughness / Shohei ADACHI [39-40]
Flooding Trouble at Iriye-Reclaimed-District -Studies on Interior Flooding Troubles Derived from Other Works (1)- / Mutsumi KADOYA, Eiji TOYOKUNI, Gyozo OHASHI [40-41]
Application of Extreme Value Distribution in Hydrologic Frequency Analysis / Mutsumi KADOYA [41-41]
Studies on Cnoidal Waves (First Report) -On the Waves Steepness and Profile - / Yuichi IWAGAKI [42-42]
The Effects of Wave Height and Sea Water Level on Wave Overtopping and Wave Run-up / Yuichi IWAGAKI, Akira SHIMA, Masao INOUE [42-43]
Some Examples of the Transformation of Ocean Wave Spectra in Shallow Water / Yuichi IWAGAKI, Tadao KAKINUMA [43-44]
Some Problems on Prevention of Wave Overtopping on Seawalls and Seadikes / Yuichi IWAGAKI, Yoshito TSUCHIYA, Masao INOUE [44-45]
Basic Studies on the Wave Damping Due to Bottom Friction (2) -On the Measurement of Bottom Shearing Stress- / Yuichi IWAGAKI, Yoshito TSUCHIYA, Masayuki SAKAI [45-46]
Motion of Bay Water Due to Incoming Tidal Waves / Hikoji YAMADA [46-46]
Initial Movement of Bottom Sediment Particles and Generation of Sand Ripples Due to Wave Action / Hideaki NODA, Takehisa IHO [47-47]
An Experimental Research on the Subsidence of Ground (II) / Sakuro MURAYAMA, Minoru MATSUO [48-48]
On the Deformation Properties of Sands / Sakuro MURAYAMA, Norio YAGI [49-49]
Influence of the Variation of the Intermediate Principal Stress on the Mechanical Properties of Clays / Toru SHIBATA, Daizoo KARUBE [50-50]
Salt Balance in Kojima Lake (Part 2) -Effect of Sea Water Leakage on Salinity Distribution, Sweeping away of Salt by Flood and Salt Diffusion in Bottom Soil- / Setsuo OKUDA [51-52]
On the Deviation _from_ Knudsen's Formula of the Density of Sea Water and its Bearing on the Productivity of the Sea / Yoshiaki FUKUO [52-53]
On the Exchange of Water Through the Tidal Current / Yoshiaki FUKUO [53-53]
On the Infiltration and Runoff of Snow-melt Water / Yoshiaki FUKUO, Kazuo OKUNISHI [54-54]
On the Observation of Ground-Strain and Ground-Tilt at a Landslide Zone (II) / Michiro TAKADA [55-55]
On the Landslide Mechanism of the Tertiary Type Landslide in the Thaw Time / Yuji TAKADA [56-56]
On the Design Wind Force of Steel Stacks / Yoshitsura YOKOO, Hatsuo ISHIZAKI [57-57]
Vertical Gusts near Surface in High Winds / Yasushi MITSUTA [57-58]
Anemometers of Shionomisaki Wind Observatory / Ryo TANABASHI, Hatsuo ISHIZAKI, Yasushi MITSUTA [58-59]
A Meteorological Study on Snow Melting / Ryozaburo YAMAMOTO, Ken SAHASHI, Yasushi MITSUTA, Mitsuo MIZUMA [59-60]
On the Sonic Anemometer / Yasushi MITSUTA, Mitsuo MIZUMA [60-60]
On the Characteristic of the Oscillation of Water Level in Nagoya Harbor (Continued) / Haruo HIGUCHI [61-61]
On Observation of Tidal Currents at Nagoya Harbor / Haruo HIGUCHI, Shigehisa NAKAMURA [62-62]
On Wave Observations at Nagoya Harbor and Izumisano Coast / Haruo HIGUCHI, Yoshito TSUCHIYA, Tadao KAKINUMA [63-63]
On the Friction of the Sea Bed and the Coefficient of Vertical Eddy Viscosity Associated with Tidal Currents at the Opening of a Break Water / Shigehisa NAKAMURA [64-64]
The Effect of Secondary Flow on Curved Flow / Yoshio MURAMOTO, Shinichi ISHIDA [65-65]
Direct Measurement of Wail Shear -Studies on Flow with Very Mild Hydraulic G adient (2)- / Shoitiro YOKOSHI, Mutsumi KADOYA [66-66]
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