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Morphology of newly liberated medusae of Turritopsis spp. (Hydrozoa, Oceanidae) from Japan and abroad
  Kubota, Shin (2015-09-20)
  Biogeography, 17: 129-131
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Wide geographical distribution of Atorella vanhoeffeni (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa, Coronatae) in Japan
  Kubota, Shin; Hirano, Yayoi; Ikeguchi, Shinichiro; Minemizu, Ryo; Kitamura, Minoru (2012-09-20)
  Biogeography, 14: 83-86
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Some new and reconfirmed biological observations in two species of Eugymnanthea (Hydrozoa, Leptomedusae, Eirenidae) associated with bivalves
  Kubota, Shin (2004-08-20)
  Biogeography, 6: 1-5
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