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Genetic Relationships and Reproductive-isolation Mechanisms among the Fejervarya limnocharis Complex from Indonesia (Java) and Other Asian Countries 
  Djong, Tjong Hon; Islam, Mohammed Mafizul; Nishioka, Midori; Matsui, Masafumi; Ota, Hidetoshi; Kuramoto, Mitsuru; Khan, Md. Mukhlesur Rahman; Alam, Mohammad Shafiqul; De Silva, Anslem; Khonsue, Wichase; Sumida, Masayuki (2007-04)
  Zoological Science, 24(4): 360-375
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Phylogenetic relationships of brown frogs from Taiwan and Japan assessed by mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequences (Rana : Ranidae)
  Tanaka-Ueno, Tomoko; Matsui, Masafumi; Chen, Szu-Lung; Takenaka, Osamu; Ota, Hidetoshi (1998-04)
  Zoological Science, 15(2): 283-288
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Genetic divergence among Southeast and East Asian populations of Rana limnocharis (Amphibia : Anura), with special reference to sympatric cryptic species in Java
  Toda, Mamoru; Matsui, Masafumi; Nishida, Mutsumi; Ota, Hidetoshi (1998-08)
  Zoological Science, 15(4): 607-613
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Taxonomic relationships within the Pan-Oriental narrow-mouth toad Microhyla ornata as revealed by mtDNA analysis (Amphibia, Anura, Microhylidae)
  Matsui, Masafumi; lto, Hiroharu; Shimada, Tomohiko; Ota, Hidetoshi; Saidapur, Srinivas K.; Khonsue, Wichase; Tanaka-Ueno, Tomoko; Wu, Guan-Fu (2005-04)
  Zoological Science, 22(4): 489-495
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Genetic variation among insular populations of Gekko hokouensis (Reptilia : Squamata) near the northeastern borders of the oriental and palearctic zoogeographic regions in the northern Ryukyus, Japan
  Toda, Mamoru; Hikida, Tsutomu; Ota, Hidetoshi (1997-10)
  Zoological Science, 14(5): 859-867
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Allozyme Variation in the Camaenid Tree Snails Amphidromus atricallosus (Gould, 1843) and A. inversus (Müller, 1774)
  Prasankok, Pongpun; Ota, Hidetoshi; Toda, Mamoru; Panha, Somsak (2007-02)
  Zoological Science, 24(2): 189-197
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Phylogeny, Taxonomy, and Biogeography of the Oriental Pitvipers of the Genus Trimeresurus (Reptilia: Viperidae: Crotalinae): A Molecular Perspective
  Tu, Ming-Chung; Wang, Hurng-Yi; Tsai, Mung-Pei; Toda, Mamoru; Lee, Wen-Jen; Zhang, Fu-Ji; Ota, Hidetoshi (2000-11)
  Zoological Science, 17(8): 1147-1157
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Clonal Composition of the Parthenogenetic Gecko, Lepidodactylus lugubris, at the Northernmost Extremity of Its Range
  Yamashiro, Saiko; Toda, Mamoru; Ota, Hidetoshi (2000-09)
  Zoological Science, 17(7): 1013-1020
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Geographic Variation and Sexual Size Dimorphism in Mauremys mutica (Cantor, 1842) (Reptilia: Bataguridae), with Description of a New Subspecies from the Southern Ryukyus, Japan
  Yasukawa, Yuichirou; Ota, Hidetoshi; Iverson, John B. (1996-04)
  Zoological Science, 13(2): 303-317
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Molecular evaluation of phylogenetic significances in the highly divergent karyotypes of the genus Gonocephalus (Reptilia : Agamidae) from tropical Asia
  Honda, Masanao; Ota, Hidetoshi; Sengoku, Showichi; Yong, Hoi-Sen; Hikida, Tsutomu (2002-01)
  Zoological Science, 19(1): 129-133
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