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Title: The Fantastic Lysisbox (iGEM 2010)
Authors: Shihoya, Wataru
Kashima, Makoto
Okada, Naoi
Yamamoto, Takuya
Murayama, Tomo
Takada, Tomonori
Maeda, Yu-ki
Okada, Kazuya
Kajita, Ken
Hashiya, Fumitaka
Mori, Hitoshi
Okada, Takuya
Sugiura, Tasuku
Author's alias: 志甫谷, 渉
鹿島, 誠
岡田, 直緯
山本, 拓弥
村山, 知
高田, 智功
前田, 勇樹
岡田, 和也
梶田, 憲
橋谷, 文貴
森, 仁志
岡田, 卓也
杉浦, 佑
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2010
Publisher: iGEM Kyoto
Abstract: The Fantastic Lysisbox: Genetically engineered cell death is essential for the application of biotechnology, such as in bioremediation area. In order to control the cell-death, we designed "Lysisbox", which consists of a pair of modules: "Killer gene" and "Anti-killer gene." As the Killer gene for Escherichia coli, we noted the lysis cassette [SRRz/Rz1 gene] of lambda phage coding for holin and endolysin. The holin form pores in the inner membrane and the endolysin access and degrade the peptidoglycan passing through the pores, leading the E.coli to death. As the Anti-killer gene, we chose SΔTMD1 coding for a dominant-negative holin that inhibits the formation of the fatal pores. The balance of these two genes' expression level has the key to the E.coli's life or death. In addition, such controllable membrane pores should show critical functions for all living organisms with lipid membranes and a cell wall. "Lysisbox" will contribute a lot to all the future iGEM projects, thus you must say "FANTASTIC!!!"
遺伝子を組み換えた細菌を人体や生態系で用いると予期せぬ事態(バイオハザード)が引き起こされる危険性があるため、遺伝子組み換え細菌を産業利用するまでには至っていません。そこで今年度のiGEM 京都大学チームは環境に応答する自己細胞死制御機構「Lysisbox」を作製することにしました。細胞死制御機構は溶菌(細菌が細胞壁の崩壊を伴って破壊され、死滅する現象)を引き起こす遺伝子を環境依存的に発現するように仕組んでいます。このLysisboxを使うことによって、遺伝子組み換え細菌を役目が終わったときに殺すことができ、バイオハザードを防ぐことができます。また、Lysisboxは薬品や消臭剤などにも応用できると考えられます。
Description: iGEM 2010 Jamboree, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Nov 6th - 8th, 2010.
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