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Title: 古典自然物の研究--自然物,醫藥・その即物的考察
Other Titles: A study on the natural products
Authors: 森村, 謙一  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: Morimura, Ken-ichi
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2009
Publisher: 京都大學人文科學研究所
Journal title: 東方學報
Volume: 84
Start page: 280
End page: 210
Abstract: Author has been studying the history of 本草學 BenCaoXue (Pharmacognocy in East). On this time, the medicinal property of materials was thoroughly interpreted with two points of View. One was the decipherment of descriptions on original text; the other was the collection of modern pharmacological information. The original texts with which the old descriptions were examined are mainly ≪神農本草轎經集注 Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing Ji Zhu≫ in A. D. 5 and ≪新修本草 Xin Xiu Ben Cao≫ in A. D. 7. The letters from which picked up the names of materials are ≪五行大義 Wu Xing Da Yi≫, ≪黄帝内經太秦 Huang Di Nei Jing Tai Su≫ and ≪醫心方 Yi Xin Fang≫. The data gained from both sides above mentioned have filled up in each domain, but reciprocal verifications have not been done sufficiently until now, accordingly, the principle in the investigations of this paper was the minute comparison and verification between above two data. This time about 130 species of materials were adopted, many of which belong to the plant, but specific animals and minerals were also examined in scores respectively. Those materials have been very popular crud drags in the history of Asia and Orient. At that time, those materials had been connected each other with a thinking-model (五行 Wu Xing), for example: 五行(Origin) ; 木Wood 火Fire 土Earth 金Metal 水Water : 五穀(Cereals) ; 麻Hemp 粟Millet 麥Barley 米Rice 大豆Soybean : 五果(Fruits) ; 李Plum 杏apricot 棗Jujube 桃Peach 栗Chestnut : 五畜(Domestics) ; 犬Dog 羊Sheep 牛Cattle 鶏Chicken 彘Pig : 五石((Minerals) ; 曾靑Malachite 雄黄Orpiment 玉Jewel 金Gold 赤石脂Kaolin. (1) Habitats i. Plant-articles abound in 華中HuaZhong (The Yangtze valley), 華北HuaBei (The reaches of the Yellow River). A lot of the plants had been imported from South (India ~ Indo-china) and West (Central-Asia ~ Arabia ~ Africa). ii. Animal-articles inhabit in 華中 and 華南 (HuaNan・The south-east of China). iii. Mineral-articles yielded in the area 華北, 華中~ The west-China. (2) Efficacies i. General-feature・Exceedingly abundant technical-terms had been used on diseases and symptoms. This time exhaustive arrangement on them were carried out, all the Articles were classified into 14 categories according to their proper efficacy. Categories were decided on the human body system, for example: 消化器系 The digestive system, 呼吸器系 The respiratory system, and so on. The results of the classification were made up into Table 2 (5 sheets).
DOI: 10.14989/134679
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