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Greetings to all Pan Africanists from Kyoto!
  Nishida, Toshisada (1994)
  Pan Africa News, 1(1): 1-1
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Eradication of the invasive, exotic tree Senna spectabilis in the Mahale Mountains
  Nishida, Toshisada (1996-12)
  Pan Africa News, 3(2): 6-7
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News : Director of the Tanzania National Parks, Lota Melamari, Visits Japan
  Nishida, Toshisada, Huffman, Michael A. (1997-06)
  Pan Africa News, 4(1): 7-8
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<Article> Baboon invasion into chimpanzee habitat
  Nishida, Toshisada (1997-12)
  Pan Africa News, 4(2): 11-12
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<Article> Deceptive Tactic by an Adult Male Chimpanzee to Snatch a Dead Infant from its Mother
  Nishida, Toshisada (1998-12)
  Pan Africa News, 5(2): 13-15
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<Letter to Editor> Bilia as an Authentic Vernacular Name for Pan paniscus
  Kano, Takayoshi, Nishida, Toshisada (1999-06)
  Pan Africa News, 6(1): 1-3
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The Exhibition and Workshop to Commemorate The 30th Anniversary of Chimpanzee Research at Mahale
  Nishida, Toshisada (1996-06)
  Pan Africa News, 3(1): 1-2
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Reports from the Field : Mahale, Tanzania : The Death of Ntologi, The Unparalleled Leader of M Group [4]
  Nishida, Toshisada (1996-06)
  Pan Africa News, 3(1): 3-4
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A Wenner-Gren Symposium: The Great Apes Revisited
  Nishida, Toshisada (1995-06)
  Pan Africa News, 2(1): 11-11
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