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Title: 淸初入關前の無圈點滿洲文檔案『先ゲンギェン=ハン賢行典例』をめぐって : 淸朝史を再構築するための基礎研究の一環として
Other Titles: A Basic Study on the Reconstruction of the Historical Image of the Qing Dynasty Based on an Investigation of the Nenehe GENGGIYEN Han i Sain Yabuha Kooli Uheri Juwan Nadan Debtelin, Early Qing Manchu Archives in the Pre-1644 Period
清初入関前の無圈点満洲文档案『先ゲンギェン=ハン賢行典例』をめぐって : 清朝史を再構築するための基礎研究の一環として
Authors: 石橋, 崇雄  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: ISHIBASHI, Takao
Issue Date: 31-Dec-1999
Publisher: 東洋史研究會
Journal title: 東洋史研究
Volume: 58
Issue: 3
Start page: 470
End page: 501
Abstract: In the Manwen guoshiyun-dang 滿文國史院檔 vol (juan). 001 housed in the Chinese First Historical Archives 中國第一歴史檔案館 of Beijing, there are two sorts of Manchu manuscripts. One of them is titled Aisin i Kooli Jai which is a part of the Manchu translation of the Jin-shi 金史 (History of the Jin Dynasty). And the other, titled Nenehe GENEGGI-YEN Han i Sain Yabuha Kooli Uheri Juwan Nadan Debtelin (the good deeds of the former brilliant khan, in totally seventeen articles), contains the documents about the legend of the Qing founding and the Ninggun Mafa 六祖, the six ancestors of the Qing dynasty, as well as the records of Nurhaci (the founder of Aisin Gurun and the first khan of the Qing) by the year of 1584 in the pre-khan era. It corresponds to chapter (juan) 1 and the first article of chapter 2 of the Manzhou-shilu 滿洲實錄. This paper examines the latter archives, which was dated to the years of Tiancong 天聰 (from 1627 to the eleventh day of the fourth month of 1636) in previous studies, and concludes that it should be dated to the years of Chongde 崇徳(from the twelfth day of the fourth month of 1636 to 1643). In this Manchu archives, we can find the new details of Ninggun Mafa, Nurhaci and other historical events in the Nurhaci's pre-khan era which have never been known before. So according to this entirely new knowledge, the early Qing history, especially in the Nurhaci's pre-khan period can be reconstructed more completely.
DOI: 10.14989/155266
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