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Future projection of radiocesium flux to the ocean from the largest river impacted by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
  Adhiraga Pratama, Mochamad; Yoneda, Minoru; Shimada, Yoko; Matsui, Yasuto; Yamashiki, Yosuke (2015-02-12)
  Scientific reports, 5
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The rDzogs chen Doctrine of the Three Gnoses (ye shes gsum): An Analysis of Klong chen pa's Exegesis and His Sources.
  Deroche, Marc-Henri; Yasuda, Akinori (2015-10)
  Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines, 33: 187-230
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  小手川, 耕平; 寺本, 渉; 積山, 薫 (2019-08)
  認知心理学研究, 17(1): 27-36
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Improved Digit Span in children after a 6-week intervention of playing a musical instrument: An exploratory randomized controlled trial
  Guo, Xia; Ohsawa, Chie; Suzuki, Akiko; Sekiyama, Kaoru (2018-01)
  Frontiers in Psychology, 8
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Initial flux of sediment-associated radiocesium to the ocean from the largest river impacted by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
  Yamashiki, Yosuke; Onda, Yuichi; Smith, Hugh G; Blake, William H; Wakahara, Taeko; Igarashi, Yasuhito; Matsuura, Yuki; Yoshimura, Kazuya (2014-01-16)
  Scientific reports, 4
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Evaluation of the Small Business Innovation Research Program in Japan
  INOUE, Hiroyasu; YAMAGUCHI, Eiichi (2017-02-01)
  SAGE Open, 7: 1-9
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A System Dynamics Study on the Prospect of Japanese Plutonium Balance
  Takeda, Shutaro; Sakade, Takeshi; Iwaki, Hideki (2018-06)
  Kyoto University, Graduate School of Economics Discussion Paper Series
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Spatiotemporal distribution and fluctuation of radiocesium in Tokyo Bay in the five years following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident
  Yamazaki, Hideo; Ishida, Masanobu; Hinokio, Ryoichi; Yamashiki, Yosuke Alexandre; Azuma, Ryokei (2018-03-01)
  PLOS ONE, 13(3)
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Application of airborne photogrammetry for the visualisation and assessment of contamination migration arising from a Fukushima waste storage facility
  Connor, D.T.; Martin, P.G.; Smith, N.T.; Payne, L.; Hutton, C.; Payton, O.D.; Yamashiki, Y.; Scott, T.B. (2018-03)
  Environmental Pollution, 234: 610-619
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Feed-in Tariff Pricing and Social Burden in Japan: Evaluating International Learning through a Policy Transfer Approach
  Tanaka, Yugo; Chapman, Andrew; Sakurai, Shigeki; Tezuka, Tetsuo (2017-10-20)
  Social Sciences, 6(4)
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