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dc.contributor.author大畠, 誠一ja
dc.contributor.author渡辺, 政俊ja
dc.contributor.alternativeOohata, Sei-Ichien
dc.contributor.alternativeWatanabe, Masatoshien
dc.contributor.transcriptionオオハタ, セイイチja-Kana
dc.contributor.transcriptionワタナベ, マサトシja-Kana
dc.description.abstractマツ属の多様な生活様式を理解するために, 多節伸長型 (テーダマツ型伸長) を示すマツ類12種の落葉の年間変動を調べ, 次の結果が得られた。1. 四季の明らかな地域に分布し, しばしば多節の伸長をするマツ類では, 秋に一回落葉する種類と春秋二回に落葉する種類が認められた。冬季でも温暖な低緯度地域に分布し, 典型的な多節伸長型の種類では, 特定の季節に集中して落葉するよりも年間を通じて落葉する性質が認められた。特殊な型として夏に落葉する種類が見出された。2. 多節伸長型のマツ類が示した様々な落葉のパターンは, 芽の伸長型が一回型のマツ類で見い出された結果とほとんど同じであり, 落葉型は芽の伸長型と直接的な対応関係にない。3. ひとつの芽の伸長型のに対して様々な落葉型が出現していたことは, 落葉期および落葉型が, 比較的新しい時代, 芽の伸長型が形成された時代以後に獲得された性質であると推測した。ja
dc.description.abstractTo determine the speciation in the Genus Pinus, seasonal falling of needles was measured for 12 pines with multi-flash type shoot growth. The all pines were planted in Kyoto and kept under natural conditions. The falling of needles from one branch was measured twice a month for two years. Fundamental three patterns of needle fall were identified as the result of pines with single flash type. Although the pines to show often multi-flash type brought from middle latitude region such as P. rigida, the needles fell in autumn. Those of the pines brought from the warm temperate region, fell in spring and autumn. The typical pines of multi-flash growth such as P. elliottii brought from the lower latitude region fell throughout the year. Some pines had needles falling mainly in summer as shown in P. pinaster. The detection of four patterns in the needle fall was fundamentally same as the single flash type. This result shows that the formation of the seasonal patterns of needle fall in pines formed after the speciation of shoot growth patterns.en
dc.publisher.alternativeTHE KYOTO UNIVERSITY FORESTSen
dc.titleマツ属における落葉季節と落葉型の変遷 : II. 多節伸長型の落葉期と落葉型ja
dc.title.alternativeStudies on the Seasonal Patterns of Needle Fall and Their Adaptation in the Genus Pinus : Seasonal Patterns in Pines of Multi-Flush Growth in Shooten
dc.typedepartmental bulletin paper-
dc.type.niitypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper-
dcterms.accessRightsopen access-
dc.identifier.jtitle-alternativeBULLETIN OF THE KYOTO UNIVERSITY FORESTSen
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