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Title: 林業機械作業における作業者の生理負担に関する研究 (4) : 林内作業車による間伐材 (磨き丸太) 搬出作業について
Other Titles: On the study of physiological load of worker while working forest machine (4) : Hauling of thinned log (polished log) by forest tractor
Authors: 山本, 俊明  KAKEN_name
沼田, 邦彦  KAKEN_name
酒井, 徹朗  KAKEN_name
鈴木, 保志  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: Yamamoto, Toshiaki
Numata, Kunihiko
Sakai, Tetsuro
Suzuki, Yasushi
Issue Date: 21-Dec-1992
Publisher: 京都大学農学部附属演習林
Journal title: 京都大学農学部演習林報告
Volume: 64
Start page: 173
End page: 180
Abstract: 本報告は, 林内作業車を使用した間伐材 (磨き丸太) の搬出作業における作業者 (林内作業車の運転者, 補助者) の作業功程と作業者の作業中の生理負担について調査したものである。調査を行った場所は, 岐阜県郡上郡奥明方村にある石原林材 (株) の山林内28林班スギ人工林である。作業者は, 石原林材 (株) の伐出関係の職員2名で, 林内作業車やまびこを使用しての間伐材搬出の作業功程と作業者の作業中の心拍数の計測を行い, 要素作業別の作業時間, 単位時間当りの本数, 材積, エネルギー代謝量及びR. M. R(労働強度)を求めた。結果 作業功程 : 林内作業車の運転者の場合, 作業車運転, 材の積み込み, クレーン運転作業等が, 全体の70%を占め, 補助者の場合間伐材を持っての移動歩行, 材の積み込み作業等が全体の50%を占めていた。また, 搬出本数及び材積は, 2人で本数1. 68本/分, 材積0. 071/分であった。 作業者の生理負担 : 林内作業者の運転者の場合, 作業中の心拍数60拍/分 - 138拍/分平均90. 8拍/分, エネルギー代謝量 2. 80Kcal/分 - 8. 18Kcal/分 平均5. 29Kcal/分, 平均R. M. R 4. 31/分, 補助者の場合, 心拍数72拍/分 - 174拍/分 平均130. 0拍/分, エネルギー代謝量7. 65Kcal/分 - 13, 72Kcal/分 平均10. 43Kcal/分, 平均R. M. R 7. 4/分であり, エネルギー代謝量による等級区分からの労働強度は, 林内作業車の運転者は中労働と重労働の境目に属し, 補助者については激労働に属していると推定する。
We reported the operational output and physiological load of an operator and a supporter on hauling thinned logs (polished logs) by a forest tractor. The investigating site was the artificial Japanese cedar forest aged 28 years old at Ishihara Forestry company in Gifu prefecture. The subjects were two workers belonging to the logging crew at this company and the forest tractor used in hauling operation was a small crawler tractor "YAMABIKO BFY 1001W2" produced by CHIKUSUI KYANIKOMU company. We investigated the operationl output such as the number and the volume of hauling logs, and measured the operators' heart rate with H.R.Memory instrument. Based on the heart rate data, we estimated Energy Metabolism and R.M.R (Relative Metabolic Rate). Result Operational output: in the case of an operator of forest tractor, work elements, such as driving empty and full load vehicle, loading logs onto the forest tractor and loading logs onto the hauling truck with manipulating a crane, amount to 70 % in all. In the case of a supporter, work elements, such as walking and holding logs with their arms, loading logs onto the forest tractor and so on, amount to 50 %. Logs hauled by two workers are 1.68 poles/min man and hauling log volume is 0.071 m3/min man. Physiological load of workers: in the case of an operator of forest tractor, the number of heartrate during hauling logs is 60 ~ 138 heart beats/min and the mean value is 90.8 heart beats/min. Energy metabolism is 2.80 ~ 8.18 Kcal/min and the mean value is 5.29 Kcal/min, that is, themean 4.31/min. In the case of a supporter, the number of heart rate is 72 ~ 174 heart beats/min and the mean value is 130.0 heart beats/min. Energy metabolism is 7.65 ~ 13.72 Kcal/min and the mean value is 10.43 Kcal/min, that is, the mean R.M.R. is 7.4/min. The rating value of labour intensity graded on energy metabolism class to an operator is estimated on he borderline between middle and heavy labour intensity class and to a supporter is es-itmated on very heavy labour intensity class.
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