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Twenty Theses on Politics and Subjectivity
  Bosteels, Bruno (2016-03)
  ZINBUN, 46: 21-39
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  The Editorial Committee of ZINBUN (2016-03)
  ZINBUN, 46: 1-2
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The country I have thought was my home": David Mura's Turning Japanese: Memoirs of a Sansei
  Anton, Alina (2016-03)
  ZINBUN, 46: 135-159
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The Origins of Modern Geology in China: The Work of D. J. Macgowan and R. Pumpelly
  Takegami, Mariko (2016-03)
  ZINBUN, 46: 179-197
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Women in Combat: Gender and the Armed Forces in Great Britain and Japan during the Second World War
  Hayashida, Toshiko (2016-03)
  ZINBUN, 46: 161-178
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L'anomalie solitaire : le cas Otanés et la politique de J.-J. Rousseau
  Sato, Junji (2016-03)
  ZINBUN, 46: 59-73
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Cover & Contents
  ZINBUN, 46
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Sur Rousseau, la propriété et la communauté
  Radica, Gabrielle (2016-03)
  ZINBUN, 46: 75-88
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