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Concluding remarks: current and next generation MOFs
  Yao, Ming-Shui; Otake, Ken-ichi; Xue, Zi-Qian; Kitagawa, Susumu (2021-10-01)
  Faraday Discussions, 231: 397-417
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A comparative study of honeycomb-like 2D π-conjugated metal–organic framework chemiresistors: conductivity and channels
  Yao, Ming-Shui; Wang, Ping; Gu, Yi-Fan; Koganezawa, Tomoyuki; Ashitani, Hirotaka; Kubota, Yoshiki; Wang, Zao-Ming; Fan, Ze-Yu; Otake, Ken-ichi; Kitagawa, Susumu (2021-10-14)
  Dalton Transactions, 50(38): 13236-13245
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Integrated Soft Porosity and Electrical Properties of Conductive-on-Insulating Metal-Organic Framework Nanocrystals
  Yao, Ming-Shui; Otake, Ken-ichi; Zheng, Jiajia; Tsujimoto, Masahiko; Gu, Yi-Fan; Zheng, Lu; Wang, Ping; Mohana, Shivanna; Bonneau, Mickaele; Koganezawa, Tomoyuki; Honma, Tetsuo; Ashitani, Hirotaka; Kawaguchi, Shogo; Kubota, Yoshiki; Kitagawa, Susumu (2023-08-28)
  Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 62(35)
Soft corrugated channel with synergistic exclusive discrimination gating for CO₂ recognition in gas mixture
  Gu, Yifan; Zheng, Jia-Jia; Otake, Ken-ichi; Sakaki, Shigeyoshi; Ashitani, Hirotaka; Kubota, Yoshiki; Kawaguchi, Shogo; Yao, Ming-Shui; Wang, Ping; Wang, Ying; Li, Fengting; Kitagawa, Susumu (2023-07-15)
  Nature Communications, 14
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Selective sorption of oxygen and nitrous oxide by an electron donor-incorporated flexible coordination network
  Shivanna, Mohana; Zheng, Jia-Jia; Ray, Keith G.; lto, Sho; Ashitani, Hirotaka; Kubota, Yoshiki; Kawaguchi, Shogo; Stavila, Vitalie; Yao, Ming-Shui; Fujikawa, Takao; Otake, Ken-ichi; Kitagawa, Susumu (2023-04-04)
  Communications Chemistry, 6
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