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Record of ³H and ³⁶Cl from the Fukushima nuclear accident recovered from soil water in the unsaturated zone at Koriyama
  Ohta, Tomoko; Fifield, L. Keith; Palcsu, László; Tims, Stephen G.; Pavetich, Stefan; Mahara, Yasunori (2023-11-11)
  Scientific Reports, 13
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Origin and hydrodynamics of xylem sap in tree stems, and relationship to root uptake of soil water
  Mahara, Yasunori; Ohta, Tomoko; Ohshima, Jyunichi; Iizuka, Kazuya (2021-04-16)
  Scientific Reports, 11
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Groundwater flow traced by bomb pulses of ³⁶Cl and tritiogenic ³He in a borehole
  Mahara, Yasunori; Ohta, Tomoko (2019-09-15)
  Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 455: 140-145
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Atmospheric direct uptake and long-term fate of radiocesium in trees after the Fukushima nuclear accident
  Mahara, Yasunori; Ohta, Tomoko; Ogawa, Hideki; Kumata, Atsushi (2014-11-20)
  Scientific reports, 4
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Effects of terrigenic He components on tritium–helium dating: A case study of shallow groundwater in the Saijo Basin
  Mahara, Yasunori; Ohta, Tomoko; Morikawa, Noritoshi; Nakano, Takanori; Tokumasu, Minoru; Hukutani, Satoshi; Tokunaga, Tomochika; Igarashi, Toshifumi (2014-11)
  Applied Geochemistry, 50: 142-149
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 5 of 5