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dc.contributor.author卞, 東波
dc.contributor.alternativeBIAN, Dongpo
dc.description.abstract魏晉時期產生了數部以隱士爲中心的新型雜傳"高士傳", 尤爲嵇康<<聖賢高士傳贊>>, 皇甫謐<<高士傳>>最爲著名。<<高士傳>>是魏晉時期名士們的流行讀物, 同時也進一步促進了六朝隱逸之風的發展, 以及六朝隱逸美學的形成, 也滲透到魏晉詩歌的創作中。陶淵明受到魏晉<<高士傳>>的影響也斑斑可考, 其所撰的<<五柳先生傳>>就是一篇"高士"類的虛構性雜傳, 但實現了對魏晉時期類型化<<高士傳>>的超越。陶淵明詩文中大量寫到<<高士傳>>中的人物, 本文選擇魯二儒, 張仲蔚這兩個人物, 來討論陶淵明如何將主體性注入到詠史書寫中, 如何用詩歌改造歷史的。
dc.description.abstractA new genre of miscellaneous biography appeared during the Wei-Jin period, namely Memoirs of Distinguished Hermits, "distinguished" denoting hermit life. The most notable of this kind of literature include Ji Kang's Biography of Saint and Hermit (Shengxian Gaoshizhuang zan) and Huangpu Mi's Memoirs of Distinguished Hermits (Gaoshizhuang). Memoirs of Distinguished Hermits spread among prominent persons of the Wei-Jin period as one of their favourite readings. At the same time it grew into a seed which would develop a secular trend of the Six Dynasties times, or people's appreciation of hermit life. What's more, it gave rise to the formation of aesthetics to praise hermit life in the Six Dynasties period. It even penetrated into Wei-Jin poetry. Obviously, Tao Yuanming was under the influence of Memoirs of Distinguished Hermits. His Biography of Master Five Willows (Wuliu Xiansheng zhuan) is a work among miscellaneous biographies. While it was written as a fictitious story of a distinguished hermit, it triumphed over the stereotyped staleness into which the Wei-Jin Memoirs of Distinguished Hermits had fallen. Tao Yuanming describes in his poems many figures that appear in Memoirs of Distinguished Hermits. In my treatise I have chosen two focuses for my discussion, two Confucian scholars from Lu and Zhang Zhongwei. Centering on these focuses, I will discuss how Tao Yuanming let his originality lie in his poems on history and how he swerved from the truth of history in dressing his poetry with fantasy.
dc.publisher.alternativeInstitute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
dc.title詩與雜傳 --陶淵明與魏晉<<高士傳>>--
dc.title.alternativePoetry and Miscellaneous Biography : Tao Yuanming and Memoirs of Distinguished Hermits in Wei-Jin Dynasty
dc.title.alternative詩与雑伝 --陶渕明与魏晋<<高士伝>>--
dc.type.niitypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper
dc.identifier.jtitle東方學報 = The tôhô gakuhô : journal of oriental studies
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