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dc.contributor.authorTsunematsu, Kae
dc.contributor.authorIshii, Kyoka
dc.contributor.authorYokoo, Akihiko
dc.contributor.alternative常松, 佳恵
dc.contributor.alternative石井, 杏佳
dc.contributor.alternative横尾, 亮彦
dc.description.abstractLarge pyroclasts--often called ballistic projectiles--cause many casualties and serious damage on people and infrastructures. One useful measure of avoiding such disasters is to numerically simulate the ballistic trajectories and forecast where large pyroclasts deposit. Numerical models are based on the transport dynamics of these particles. Therefore, in order to accurately forecast the spatial distribution of these particles, large pyroclasts from the 2015 Aso Strombolian eruptions were observed with a video camera. In order to extrapolate the mechanism of particle transport, we have analyzed the frame-by-frame images and obtained particle trajectories. Using the trajectory data, we investigated the features of Strombolian activity such as ejection velocity, explosion energy, and particle release depth. As gas flow around airborne particles can be one of the strongest controlling factors of particle transport, the gas flow velocities were estimated by comparing the simulated and observed trajectories. The range of the ejection velocity of the observed eruptions was 5.1-35.5 m/s, while the gas flow velocity, which is larger than the ejection velocity, reached a maximum of 90 m/s, with mean values of 25-52 m/s for each bursting event. The particle release depth, where pyroclasts start to move separately from the chunk of magmatic fragments, was estimated to be 11-13 m using linear extrapolation of the trajectories. Although these parabolic trajectories provide us with an illusion of particles unaffected by the gas flow, the parameter values show that the particles are transported by the gas flow, which is possibly released from inside the conduit.
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dc.subjectGas flow
dc.subjectImage analysis
dc.subjectAcoustic energy
dc.subjectStrombolian eruptions
dc.titleTransport of ballistic projectiles during the 2015 Aso Strombolian eruptions
dc.type.niitypeJournal Article
dc.identifier.jtitleEarth, Planets and Space
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