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  伊勢田, 哲治 (2016-12)
  関西実験動物研究会会報 = Kansai journal of laboratory animals: 6-22
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Tsunami-tendenko and morality in disasters
  Kodama, Satoshi (2013-03-26)
  Journal of medical ethics, 41(5): 361-363
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Do cats (Felis catus) predict the presence of an invisible object from sound?
  Takagi, Saho, Chijiiwa, Hitomi, Arahori, Minori, Tsuzuki, Mana, Hyuga, Ayami, Fujita, Kazuo (2015-09)
  Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, 10(5): 407-412
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How Two Brains Make One Synchronized Mind in the Inferior Frontal Cortex: fNIRS-Based Hyperscanning During Cooperative Singing
  Osaka, Naoyuki, Minamoto, Takehiro, Yaoi, Ken, Azuma, Miyuki, Minamoto Shimada, Yohko, Osaka, Mariko (2015-11-26)
  Frontiers in psychology, 6
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Inactivation of cerebellar cortical crus II disrupts temporal processing of absolute timing but not relative timing in voluntary movements
  Yamaguchi, Kenji, Sakurai, Yoshio (2016-02-24)
  Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 10
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  早川, 尚志 (2015)
  ラーフィダーン, 36: 83-110
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Records of sunspot and aurora during CE 960–1279 in the Chinese chronicle of the Sòng dynasty
  Hayakawa, Hisashi, Tamazawa, Harufumi, Kawamura, Akito Davis, Isobe, Hiroaki (2015-05-29)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 67
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Relationships between priming and subsequent recognition memory
  Miyoshi, Kiyofumi, Minamoto, Takehiro, Ashida, Hiroshi (2014-09-22)
  SpringerPlus, 3
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  早川, 尚志 (2015-03)
  内陸アジア史研究 = Inner Asian studies, 30: 23-49
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Theta oscillation and neuronal activity in rat hippocampus are involved in temporal discrimination of time in seconds
  Nakazono, Tomoaki, Sano, Tomomi, Takahashi, Susumu, Sakurai, Yoshio (2015-06-22)
  Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 9
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