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Title: Topical meeting on Condensed-matter Chemistry on Actinides: The Kumatori meeting 2021
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2021
Publisher: Condensed-matter Chemistry on Actinides (CCA), Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science (KURNS), Kyoto University
Start page: 1
End page: 165
Table of contents: Chapter 1 Program [1]
Chapter 2 Opening Remarks [4]
Chapter 3 Presentation Materials [8]
3.1 H. Yamagami(Kyoto Sangyo Univ.), Objectives of this meeting [9]
3.2 Y. Haga(ASRC, JAEA), Uranium-based inter metallics with layered structure: characterization and magnetism [11]
3.3 K. Ishida(Dept. Phys., Kyoto Univ.), Superconducting Spin Susceptibility of UTe₂ [13]
3.4 T. Yaita(SPring-8, JAEA), Recent activities of Actinide Chemistries in the Materials Sciences Rsearch Center of JAEA [17]
3.5 N. Ishikawa(Dept. Chem., Osaka Univ.), Observation of interaction between 5f electronic system and photo-excited cyclic π system [21]
3.6 T. Suzuki(Nagaoka Univ. Tech.), Fundamental Study for Precise Analysis of Actinides in Hardly Soluble Substances Containing Uranium Oxides [25]
3.7 K. Washiyama(Fukushima Medical University), Current status and prospects of domestic supply of alpha-emitting radionuclides [29]
3.8 Y. Kawabata(KURNS, Kyoto Univ.), Current status and future plans of our institute [34]
3.9 T. Yamamura(KURNS, Kyoto Univ.), Actinide researches using KUR hot-lab [35]
3.10 M. Suzuki(KURNS, Kyoto Univ.), The Future of Cyclotron-Based BNCR Research [38]
3.11 T. Kitazawa(Dept. Chem., Toho Univ.), Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Three New Complexes Constructed with Uranyl(VI)-acetylacetonate and Uranyl(VI)-nitrate [43]
3.12 T. Yoshimura(IRS, Osaka Univ.), Preparation of guidelines for evaluation to ensure safety in the use of short-lived unsealed radioisotopes [50]
3.13 H. Amitsuka(Hokkaido Univ.), Odd Parity Multipole Ordering in Uranium Compounds [52]
3.14 T. Yanagisawa(Hokkaido Univ.), Electric Quadrupolar Contributions in the Magnetic Phases of UNi₄B [56]
3.15 M. Manjum(Dept. Appl. Chem., Keio Univ.), Electrochemical Formation of Samarium and Samarium-Cobalt Nanoparticles in a Pyrrolidinium-based Ionic Liquid [60]
3.16 T. Nomoto(Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Drug delivery using functional polymer-conjugates [63]
3.17 A. P. Goncalves(Universidade Lisboa, Portugal), On the U-Fe-Ge system and its compounds [65]
3.18 A. S. P. Gomes(Universite de Lille, France), Electronic structure of actinide systems from relativistic correlated and quantum embedding approaches [72]
3.19 R. Caciuffo(EU JRC, Karlsruhe, Germany), Radioisotopes for medical applications [77]
Chapter 4 Break Session [81]
4.1 Break Session 1 [83]
4.1.1 H. Shishido(Tohoku Univ.), Proposals for the advanced nuclear fuel cycle by introducing a fusion reactor [83]
4.1.2 M. Nakase(Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Development and characterization of phthalocyanine derivatized ligands for recognition and complexation of light Actinide elements [87]
4.1.3 H. Nakai(Kindai Univ.), Development of ligands for new actinide complexes [89]
4.1.4 C. Tabata(Kyoto Univ.), Crystal structure and magnetic property of uranium phthalocyanine complexes [93]
4.1.5 Y. Kasamatsu(Osaka Univ.), Co-precipitation experiment of group 2 elements with barium hydrosulfate toward chemical study of No [98]
4.1.6 K. Shirasaki(Tohoku Univ.), Extraction of strontium from aqueous solutions intoHFCusing dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 and perfluorinated polyethylene glycol derivative [102]
4.1.7 Y. Sekiguchi(CRIEPI), Thermodynamic estimation of vaporization of CsI dissolved in LiFNaF-KF molten salt [104]
4.1.8 F. Kon(Hokkaido Univ.), Observation of Antiferromagnetic Order in the Heavy-Fermion Compound UIr₂Ge₂ - Resonant X-ray Scat-tering [109]
4.1.9 A. Sato(Tokyo Met. Univ.), Theoretical study on isotope fractionation in uraninite [112]
4.1.10 Y. Kitawaki(Kyoto Sangyo Univ.), Orbital magnetization in many-electron systems described by spin-orbital-
polarized coupled Dirac equation [116]
4.2 Break Session 2 [119]
4.2.1 T. Fukuda(JAEA), Present status of the study on energy conversion using actinides in radioactive wastes [119]
4.2.2 T. Oda(Kyoto Univ.), Slow dynamics study by neutron resonance spin echo spectromete [121]
4.2.3 A. Sunaga(Kyoto Univ.), Theoretical study of the linearity of uranyl molecule based on relativistic correlation method [125]
4.2.4 M. Nogami(Kindai Univ.), Change in precipitation ability of treated cyclic urea compounds for selective precipitation of U(VI) species [128]
4.2.5 Y. Homma(Tohoku Univ.), Mossbaure spectroscopy of the Eu-based skyrmion compounds EuPtSi and EuAl₄ [134]
4.2.6 K. Nagata(Osaka Univ.), Synthesis of Actinium Complex with a Macrocycle Having Pyridine Phosphonate Pendant Arms [138]
4.2.7 T. Yamane(Nagaoka Univ. Tech.), Electrochemical method of minor actinide recovery from nitric acid solution using Ga liquid electrode and ionic liquid [140]
4.2.8 M. Yokota(Kindai Univ.), Adsorptivity of monoamide polymer adsorbent impregnated with PPTPT to metal ions in neutral aqueous solutions for recovery of uranium in seawater [144]
4.2.9 K. Mori(Kyoto Univ.), Introduction of Versatile Compact Neutron Diffractometer (VCND) at B-3 Beam Port of KUR [147]
4.2.10 T. Kobayashi(SPring-8, JAEA), XAFS study on the the aged deterioration of a simulated fuel debris [148]
Chapter 5 Concluding Remarks [152]
5.1 S. Kambe(ASRC, JAEA), Concluding Remarks 1 [152]
5.2 H. Yamagami(Kyoto Sangyo Univ.), Concluding Remarks 2 [154]
Chapter 6 Summary of Discussion [155]
Chapter 7 List of Participants [156]
Chapter 8 Photos of the workshop [158]
Description: Topical meeting on Condensed-matter Chemistry on Actinides : The Kumatori meeting 2021, Feb. 10th, 2021@Zoom
This report is published to preserve the discussions of“the Kumatori 2021”conference held on Feb. 10, 2021.
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