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dc.contributor.authorTSUJIMURA, Shotaen
dc.description.abstractIn anabelian geometry, various strong/desired form of Grothendieck Conjecture-type results for hyperbolic curves over relatively small arithmetic fields --for instance, finite fields, number fields, or p-adic local fields-- have been obtained by many researchers, especially by A. Tamagawa and S. Mochizuki. Let us recall that, in their proofs, the Weil Conjecture or p-adic Hodge theory plays a essential role. Therefore, to obtain such Grothendieck Conjecture-type results, it appears that the condition that the cyclotomic characters of the absolute Galois groups of the base fields are highly nontrivial is indispensable. On the other hand, in an author's recent joint work with Y. Hoshi and S. Mochizuki, we introduced the notion of TKND-AVKF-field [concerning the divisible subgroups of the groups of rational points of semi-abelian varieties] and obtained the semi-absolute version of the Grothendieck Conjecture for higher dimensional (≥ 2) configuration spaces associated to hyperbolic curves of genus 0 over TKND-AVKF-fields contained in the algebraic closure of the field of rational numbers. For instance, every [possibly, infinite] cyclotomic extension field of a number field is such a TKND-AVKF-field. In particular, this Grothendieck Conjecture-type result suggests that the condition that the cyclotomic character of the absolute Galois group of the base field under consideration is [sufficiently] nontrivial is, in fact, not indispensable for strong/desired form of anabelian phenomena. In the present paper, to pose another evidence for this observation, we prove the relative birational version of the Grothendieck Conjecture for smooth curves over TKND-AVKF-fields with a certain mild condition that every cyclotomic extension field of a number field satisfies. From the viewpoint of the condition on base fields, this result may be regarded as a partial generalization of F. Pop and S. Mochizuki's results on the birational version of the Grothendieck Conjecture for smooth curves.en
dc.publisherResearch Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto Universityen
dc.subjectanabelian geometryen
dc.subjectbirational Grothendieck Conjectureen
dc.subjectfunction fielden
dc.subjectsmooth curveen
dc.subjectabelian varietyen
dc.subjectdivisible elementen
dc.titleBirational Anabelian Grothendieck Conjecture for Curves over Arbitrary Cyclotomic Extension Fields of Number Fieldsen
dc.addressResearch Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto Universityen
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