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Maintenance of auditory-nonverbal information in working memory.
  Soemer, Alexander; Saito, Satoru (2015-12)
  Psychonomic bulletin & review, 22(6): 1777-1783
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Domain-specific processing in short-term serial order memory
  Soemer, Alexander; Saito, Satoru (2016-06)
  Journal of Memory and Language, 88: 1-17
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Recalling visual serial order for verbal sequences
  Logie, Robert H.; Saito, Satoru; Morita, Aiko; Varma, Samarth; Norris, Dennis (2015-12-24)
  Memory and Cognition, 44(4): 590-607
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Working Memory and Education : Recent Advances in Cognitive Psychology
  Saito, Satoru (2014)
  The Annual Report of Educational Psychology in Japan, 53: 120-132
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Same task rules, different responses: Goal neglect, stimulus–response mappings and response modalities
  Iveson, Matthew H.; Tanida, Yuki; Saito, Satoru (2016-12)
  Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 23(6): 1968-1973
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Person-based organisation in working memory
  Ishiguro, Sho; Saito, Satoru (2019-06-01)
  Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 72(6): 1439-1452
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The Hebb repetition effect in complex span tasks: Evidence for a shared learning mechanism with simple span tasks
  Araya, Claudia; Oberauer, Klaus; Saito, Satoru (2022-07)
  Memory & Cognition, 50(5): 925-940
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Exploring the forgetting mechanisms in working memory: Evidence from a reasoning span test
  Saito, Satoru; Jarrold, Christopher; Riby, Deborah M. (2009-07)
  Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62(7): 1401-1419
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The roles of long-term phonotactic and lexical prosodic knowledge in phonological short-term memory
  Tanida, Yuki; Ueno, Taiji; Lambon Ralph, Matthew A.; Saito, Satoru (2015-04)
  Memory & Cognition, 43(3): 500-519
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Predicting the structure of a lexical environment from properties of verbal working memory
  Tanida, Yuki; Saito, Satoru (2022-08)
  Cognitive Science, 46(8)
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