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IEEE 802.11ah based M2M networks employing virtual grouping and power saving methods
  OGAWA, Kohei, MORIKURA, Masahiro, YAMAMOTO, Koji, SUGIHARA, Tomoyuki (2013-12)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E96-B(12): 2976-2985
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Evolutionary game based access control protocol in wireless networks with mobile routers
  AOKI, Ippei, YAMAMOTO, Koji, MURATA, Hidekazu, YOSHIDA, Susumu (2011-08)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E94-B(8): 2225-2234
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Virtual continuous CWmin control scheme of WLAN
  SANGENYA, Yuki, INOUE, Fumihiro, MORIKURA, Masahiro, YAMAMOTO, Koji, NUNO, Fusao, SUGIYAMA, Takatoshi (2014-01)
  IEICE Transactions on fundamentals of electronics, communications and computer sciences, E97-A(1): 40-48
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Performance improvement of wireless mesh networks by using a combination of channel-bonding and multi-channel techniques
  XU, Liang, YAMAMOTO, Koji, MURATA, Hidekazu, YOSHIDA, Susumu (2008-10)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E91-B(10): 3103-3112
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Experimental investigation of co-channel and adjacent channel operations of microwave power and IEEE 802.11g data transmissions
  IMOTO, Norikatsu, YAMASHITA, Shota, ICHIHARA, Takuya, YAMAMOTO, Koji, NISHIO, Takayuki, MORIKURA, Masahiro, SHINOHARA, Naoki (2014-09)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E97-B(9): 1835-1842
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A Camera and LED-Based Medium Access Control Scheme for Wireless LANs
  NISHIOKA, Ryo, NISHIO, Takayuki, MORIKURA, Masahiro, YAMAMOTO, Koji (2015-05-01)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E98.B(5): 917-926
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Enhancement of CSMA/CA and Network Coding in Single-Relay Multi-User Wireless Networks
  HUANG, Chun-Hsiang, UMEHARA, Daisuke, DENNO, Satoshi, MORIKURA, Masahiro, SUGIYAMA, Takatoshi (2010)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E93-B(12): 3371-3380
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