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Infrared thermography of the fumarole area in the active crater of the Aso volcano, Japan, using a consumer digital camera
  Furukawa, Yoshitsugu (2010-06-01)
  Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 38(6): 283-288
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Mixing of magmatic CO2 into volcano groundwater flow at Aso volcano assessed combining carbon and water stable isotopes
  Yamada, Makoto, Ohsawa, Shinji, Kazahaya, Kohei, Yasuhara, Masaya, Takahashi, Hiroshi, Amita, Kazuhiro, Mawatari, Hideo, Yoshikawa, Shin (2011-01)
  Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 108(1): 81-87
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Temporal variation in the resistivity structure of the first Nakadake crater, Aso volcano, Japan, during the magmatic eruptions from November 2014 to May 2015, as inferred by the ACTIVE electromagnetic monitoring system
  Minami, Takuto, Utsugi, Mitsuru, Utada, Hisashi, Kagiyama, Tsuneomi, Inoue, Hiroyuki (2018-12)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 70(1)
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Temporal variation in source location of continuous tremors before ash-gas emissions in January 2014 at Aso volcano, Japan
  Misa, Ichimura, Akihiko, Yokoo, Tsuneomi, Kagiyama, Shin, Yoshikawa, Hiroyuki, Inoue (2018-08-03)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 70
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Gas flow dynamics in the conduit of Strombolian explosions inferred from seismo-acoustic observations at Aso volcano, Japan
  Ishii, Kyoka, Yokoo, Akihiko, Kagiyama, Tsuneomi, Ohkura, Takahiro, Yoshikawa, Shin, Inoue, Hiroyuki (2019-02-02)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 71
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Salt shell fallout during the ash eruption at the Nakadake crater, Aso volcano, Japan: evidence of an undergrounds hydrothermal system surrounding the erupting vent
  Shinohara, Hiroshi, Geshi, Nobuo, Yokoo, Akihiko, Ohkura, Takahiro, Terada, Akihiko (2018-03-20)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 70
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Continuous monitoring of soil CO2 flux at Aso volcano, Japan: the influence of environmental parameters on diffuse degassing
  Morita, Masaaki, Mori, Toshiya, Yokoo, Akihiko, Ohkura, Takahiro, Morita, Yuichi (2019-01-07)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 71
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