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A new quadrannulate species of Orobdella (Hirudinida, Arhynchobdellida, Orobdellidae) from central Honshu, Japan
  Nakano, Takafumi (2014-10-13)
  ZooKeys, 445: 57-76
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First fossil occurrence of a filefish (Tetraodontiformes; Monacanthidae) in Asia, from the Middle Miocene in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan
  Miyajima, Yusuke, Koike, Hakuichi, Matsuoka, Hiroshige (2014-04-10)
  Zootaxa, 3786(3): 382-400
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Strontium isotope analysis to reveal migration in relation to climate change and ritual tooth ablation of Jomon skeletal remains from western Japan
  Kusaka, Soichiro, Nakano, Takanori, Morita, Wataru, Nakatsukasa, Masato (2012-12)
  Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 31(4): 551-563
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A new species of Orobdella (Hirudinida, Arhynchobdellida, Gastrostomobdellidae) and redescription of Orobdella kawakatsuorum from Hokkaido, Japan with the phylogenetic position of the new species
  Nakano, Takafumi (2012-02-10)
  ZooKeys, 169: 9-30
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Holotype redescription of Mimobdella japonica (Hirudinida, Arhynchobdellida, Erpobdelliformes) and taxonomic status of the genus Mimobdella
  Nakano, Takafumi (2011-07-15)
  ZooKeys, 119: 1-10
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A new sexannulate species of Orobdella (Hirudinida, Arhynchobdellida, Orobdellidae) from Yakushima Island, Japan
  Nakano, Takafumi (2012-04-06)
  ZooKeys, 181: 79-93
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Evaluating the ontogenetic external morphology of an ectoparasitic Torix tukubana (Hirudinida: Glossiphoniidae), with records of its new host amphibian species
  Kambayashi, Chiaki, Kurabayashi, Atsushi, Nakano, Takafumi (2019-02)
  Parasitology Research, 118(2): 663-666
Pleistocene non-passeriform landbirds from Shiriya, northeast Japan
  Watanabe, Junya, Matsuoka, Hiroshige, Hasegawa, Yoshikazu (2018)
  Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 63(3): 469-491
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Reassessment of the groundwater amphipod Paramoera relicta synonymizes the genus Relictomoera with Paramoera (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Pontogeneiidae)
  Nakano, Takafumi, Tomikawa, Ko (2018-10)
  Zoological Science, 35(5): 459-467