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Title: Ecological destruction, health, and development : advancing Asian paradigms
Authors: FURUKAWA, Hisao
KONO, Yasuyuki
KAIDA, Yoshihiro
Author's alias: 古川, 久雄
西渕, 光昭
河野, 泰之
海田, 能宏
Issue Date: Feb-2004
Publisher: Kyoto University Press
Citation: Furukawa Hisao ... [et al.] eds. Ecological destruction, health, and development : advancing Asian paradigms. Kyoto University Press. 2004, 638p.
Description: 第11回APPA(アジア・太平洋出版連合)出版賞金賞受賞(2005)。COEプログラム「アジア・アフリカにおける地域編成—原型・変容・転成」における共同研究の成果。
"1 FURUKAWA Hisao. The Ecological Destruction of Coastal Peat Wetlands in Insular Southeast Asia
2 Supiandi SABIHAM. Ecological Issues of The Mega-Rice Project in Indonesia: A Case Study of Swampland Development in Central Kalimantan
3 Sodiono M.P. TJONDRONEGORO. From Colonization to Transmigration: Changing Policies in Population Resettlement
4 RIWANTO Tirtosudarmo. A National Project That Failed: A Tale of Population Resettlement Policy in Indonesia
5 NAKAMURA Goro. The Twenty-Five Year Pursuit of Herbicide Damage of the Vietnam War: Tracing the Changes in the Environment and Human Health
6 WAKIMOTO Tadaaki. The Fate of 2, 3, 7, 8-TCDD Herbicides and Defoliants Used During the Vietnam War
7 PHAN Nguyen Hong. The Severe Impact of Herbicides on Mangroves in the Vietnam War and the Ecological Effects of Reforestation
8 TRAN Triet, J.A. Barzen, L.E., CONG Kiet, and D. Moore. Wartime Herbicides in the Mekong Delta and their Implications for Post-War Wetland Conservation
9 LE Ke Son. Agent Orange in the Vietnam War: Consequences and Measures for Overcoming it
10 G. Balakrish NAIR, Shah M. FARUQUE, Pallavi GARG, T. RAMAMURTHY and TAKEDA Yoshifumi. Molecular Epidemiology of Vibrio cholerae: Masquerade of a Deceptive Pathogen
11 NISHIBUCHI Mitsuaki. Infection by a New Clone of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: an Infectious Disease that Emerged in Asia and Spread to a World Wide Pandemic
12 Savithri D. PUTHUCHEARY. Burkholderia pseudomallei and the Environment
13 OGIWARA Rie, and GOMI Harumi. Clinical Ecology of Vector-borne Diseases in Southeast Asia
14 ISHII Akira, NAGAI Nobuhiko, ARAI Meiji, HIRAI Makoto, MATSUOKA Hiroyuki, KANEKO Akira, KAWABATA Masato, OHTA Nobuo, ISHIKAWA Hirobumi, NAKAZAWA Minato, William PANJAITAN, SAFEYI, Nathan KERE, and .Judson LEAFASIA. Malaria Control Studies in Indonesia and Solomon Islands
15 Narasiman MUNIANDY and Jamaluddin Abdul AZIZ. Effects of Intensification of the Traditional Farming System on the Environment and Bio-safety of the Human Population: Nipah Virus Outbreak in Malaysia
16 ANDO Kazuo and ISHIDA Norio. Water Quality Problems Affecting Livelihood in Bangladesh and Kazakhstan: A Natural Environment as a Local Area
17 TANABE Shinsuke. Contamination and Toxic Effects of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Wildlife and Humans in Asia
18 MATSUBAYASHI Kozo and OKUMIYA Kiyohito. Ageing, Diseases and Ecology
19 OTSUKA Kuniaki, MURAKAMI Shohgo, MATSUBAYASHI Kozo, ZHAO Zi-yan, Andi WEYDAHL, N Truls LynnevHANSE, MITSUTAKE Gen, NISHIMURA Yoshiko, KUBO Yutaka, OHKAWA Shin-ichiro, YANO Shoki, Ram B SINGH, Germaine CORNELISSEN, and HALBERG Franz on behalf of ICEHRV working group. Chronomes, Aging and Disease
20 TANIMURA Susumu and MIZOTA Tsutomu. Application of Geographic Information Systems in International Health
21 A. Terry RAMBO. Development Policies and Development Trends in Vietnam's Northern Mountain Region
22 Thomas SIKOR and DAO MINH TRUONG. Changes in Land Use in Black Thai Villages in Response to Changes in the National Land Management Policies
23 TRAN Duc Vien. Changes in the Composite Swiddening System in Tat Hamlet in Vietnam's Northern Mountains in Response to Integration into the Market System
24 YANAGISAWA Masayuki. Development Process Of Cash Crops in the Northern Mountains Region of Vietnam: A Case Study in Moc Chau District of Son La Province, Vietnam
25 Phouang Parisak PRAVONGVIENKHAM. Upland natural resources management strategies and policy in the Lao PDR
26 KONO Yasuyuki, OKADA Hisaya, NAWATA Eiji and TOMITA Shinsuke. Changing Aspects of Shifting Cultivation in Northern Laos: Land Allocation Policy and Commercialization of Crop Production
27 TAKEDA Shinya. Management of Non-timber Forest Products in Laos: Fallow Forest Growing Styrax tonkinensis for Benzoin Production
28 MOMOSE Kuniyasu and SHIMAMURA Tetsuya. Malay Riverbank Communities in Peat Swamp Forests of the Sumatran East Coast: Environment, Network and Transformation
29 IWATA Akihisa. Aquatic Eco-resources Management and its Changes in Laos
30 K. BALASUBRAMANIAN. Social Construction of Indigenous Knowledge: A Case Study of Villagers on the Taxonomy of Soils in South India
31 KAIDA Yoshihiro. A Proposal for Asian Ecotechnology Networking for Eco-Resource Management"
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