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Valence Electron and Chemical State Analysis of Be₁₂M (M = Ti, V) Beryllides by Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
  Mukai, Keisuke, Kasada, Ryuta, Yabuuchi, Kiyohiro, Konishi, Satoshi, Kim, Jae-Hwan, Nakamichi, Masaru (2019-04-22)
  ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2(4): 2889-2895
Experimental Visualization of Interstitialcy Diffusion of Li Ion in β-Li₂TiO₃
  Mukai, Keisuke, Yashima, Masatomo, Hibino, Keisuke, Terai, Takayuki (2019-8-26)
  ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2(8): 5481-5489
Preparation for a neutronics experiment using a discharge fusion device and an imaging plate neutron detector
  Mukai, Keisuke, Konishi, Satoshi (2019-9)
  Fusion Engineering and Design, 146(Part B): 1633-1636