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PhosphoPredict: A bioinformatics tool for prediction of human kinase-specific phosphorylation substrates and sites by integrating heterogeneous feature selection
  Song, Jiangning, Wang, Huilin, Wang, Jiawei, Leier, André, Marquez-Lago, Tatiana, Yang, Bingjiao, Zhang, Ziding, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Webb, Geoffrey I., Daly, Roger J. (2017-07-31)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Discrimination of singleton and periodic attractors in Boolean networks
  Cheng, Xiaoqing, Tamura, Takeyuki, Ching, Wai-Ki, Akutsu, Tatsuya (2017-10)
  Automatica, 84: 205-213
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ncRNA-disease association prediction based on sequence information and tripartite network
  Mori, Takuya, Ngouv, Hayliang, Hayashida, Morihiro, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Nacher, Jose C. (2018-04-11)
  BMC Systems Biology, 12(Supplement 1)
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On the parameterized complexity of associative and commutative unification
  Akutsu, Tatsuya, Jansson, Jesper, Takasu, Atsuhiro, Tamura, Takeyuki (2017-01-17)
  Theoretical Computer Science, 660: 57-74
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Improving prediction of heterodimeric protein complexes using combination with pairwise kernel
  Ruan, Peiying, Hayashida, Morihiro, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Vert, Jean-Philippe (2018-02-19)
  BMC Bioinformatics, 19(Supplement 1)
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Probabilistic controllability approach to metabolic fluxes in normal and cancer tissues
  Schwartz, Jean-Marc, Otokuni, Hiroaki, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Nacher, Jose C. (2019-06-20)
  Nature Communications, 10
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