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A new process for catalyst-free production of biodiesel using supercritical methyl acetate
  Isayama, Yohei, Saka, Shiro (2009-07)
  Fuel, 88(7): 1307-1313
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Two-step supercritical dimethyl carbonate method for biodiesel production from Jatropha curcas oil
  Ilham, Zul, Saka, Shiro (2009-11-19)
  Bioresource technology, 101(8): 2735-2740
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Effect of CO2/N2 addition to supercritical methanol on reactivities and fuel qualities in biodiesel production
  Imahara, Hiroaki, Xin, Jiayu, Saka, Shiro (2009-07)
  Fuel, 88(7): 1329-1332
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Dimethyl carbonate as potential reactant in non-catalytic biodiesel production by supercritical method
  Ilham, Zul, Saka, Shiro (2009-03)
  Bioresource Technology, 100(5): 1793-1796
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Process integration of ethanol production from Japanese beech as treated with hot-compressed water followed by enzymatic treatment
  Nakata, Toshiki, Miyafuji, Hisashi, Saka, Shiro (2009-08)
  Journal of Wood Science, 55(4): 295-301
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Photoluminescence in yttria-stabilized zirconia of aging effects
  Hachiya, K, Oku, H, Kondoh, J (2005-02)
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Conversion of unused heat energy to electricity by means of thermoelectric generation in condenser
  Kyono, T, Suzuki, RO, Ono, K (2003-06)
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Ethanol production with β-xylosidase, xylose isomerase, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae from the hydrolysate of Japanese beech after hot-compressed water treatment
  Nakata, Toshiki, Miyafuji, Hisashi, Saka, Shiro (2009-08)
  Journal of Wood Science, 55(4): 289-294
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Kinetics on the oxidation of biodiesel stabilized with antioxidant
  Xin, Jiayu, Imahara, Hiroaki, Saka, Shiro (2009-02)
  Fuel, 88(2): 282-286
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Classical interatomic potentials for Si-O-F and Si-O-Cl systems
  Ohta, H, Hamaguchi, S (2001-10-08)
  JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 115(14): 6679-6690
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