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Characterization of lignin-derived products from Japanese cedar as treated by semi-flow hot-compressed water
  Takada, Masatsugu, Saka, Shiro (2015-02-13)
  Journal of Wood Science, 61(3): 299-307
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Work-hardening and twinning behaviors in a commercially pure titanium sheet under various loading paths
  Hama, Takayuki, Nagao, Hirotaka, Kobuki, Akihiro, Fujimoto, Hitoshi, Takuda, Hirohiko (2015-01-03)
  Materials Science and Engineering: A, 620: 390-398
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  北村, 尊義, 河村, 尚寛, 石井, 裕剛, 下田, 宏 (2016)
  ヒューマンインタフェース学会論文誌 = The transactions of Human Interface Society, 18(2): 107-120
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Growth of (Y[1−x] Ca[x])Ba[2]Cu[4]O[8] in ambient pressure and its tri-axial magnetic alignment
  Horii, S, Yamaki, M, Shimoyama, J, Kishio, K, Doi, T (2015-10-01)
  Superconductor Science and Technology, 28(10)
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Evidence for enhancement of vortex matching field above 5 T and oxygen-deficient annuli around barium-niobate nanorods
  Horii, Shigeru, Haruta, Masakazu, Ichinose, Ataru, Doi, Toshiya (2015-10-07)
  Journal of Applied Physics, 118(13)
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Refinement of the magnetic composite model of type 304 stainless steel by considering misoriented ferromagnetic martensite particles
  Kinoshita, Katsuyuki (2017-05-01)
  AIP Advances, 7(5)
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Sustainable Energy Transitions in China: Renewable Options and Impacts on the Electricity System
  Sun, Xiaoyang, Zhang, Baosheng, Tang, Xu, McLellan, Benjamin C., Höök, Mikael (2016-11-25)
  Energies, 9(12)
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Silicon Electrodeposition in Water-Soluble KF-KCl Molten Salt: Investigations on the Reduction of Si(IV) Ions
  Maeda, Kazuma, Yasuda, Kouji, Nohira, Toshiyuki, Hagiwara, Rika, Homma, Takayuki (2015-06-09)
  Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 162(9): D444-D448
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Non-linear deformation behavior during unloading in various metal sheets
  Hama, Takayuki, Matsudai, Ryogo, Kuchinomachi, Yota, Fujimoto, Hitoshi, Takuda, Hirohiko (2015)
  ISIJ International, 55: 1067-1075
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Annual variations of carbonaceous PM2.5 in Malaysia: Influence by Indonesian peatland fires
  Fujii, Y., Tohno, S., Amil, N., Latif, M. T., Oda, M., Matsumoto, J., Mizohata, A. (2015-12-01)
  Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15: 13319-13329
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