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<Political Networks in Asia>Contending Political Networks: A Study of the "Yellow Shirts" and "Red Shirts" in Thailand's Politics
  Naruemon, Thabchumpon (2016-04)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 5(1): 93-113
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<Political Networks in Asia>Very Distinguished Alumni: Thai Political Networking
  Pasuk, Phongpaichit; Nualnoi, Treerat; Baker, Chris (2016-04)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 5(1): 19-34
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<Articles>Highland Chiefs and Regional Networks in Mainland Southeast Asia: Mien Perspectives
  Le, Jiem Tsan; Cushman, Richard D.; Jonsson, Hjorleifur (2016-12)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 5(3): 515-551
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Technocracy and Thaksinocracy in Thailand: Reforms of the Public Sector and the Budget System under the Thaksin Government
  Suehiro, Akira (2014-08)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 3(2): 299-344
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A Short Account of the Rise and Fall of the Thai Technocracy
  Phongpaichit, Pasuk; Baker, Chris (2014-08)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 3(2): 283-298
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<Articles>Savings Groups and Rural Financial Markets: Japanese and Thai Experiences
  OHNO, Akihiko (2015-03)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 3(4): 15-38
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Protection and Power in Siam: From Khun Chang Khun Phaen to the Buddha Amulet
  Baker, Chris; Phongpaichit, Pasuk (2013-08)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 2(2): 215-242
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Religion as Non-religion: The Place of Chinese Temples in Phuket, Southern Thailand
  Kataoka, Tatsuki (2012-12)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 1(3): 461-485
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Seeking Haven and Seeking Jobs: Migrant Workers' Networks in Two Thai Locales
  Rabibhadana, Nobpaon; Hayami, Yoko (2013-08)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 2(2): 243-283
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Emergent Processes of Language Acquisition: Japanese Language Leaning and the Consumption of Japanese Cultural Products in Thailand
  Toyoshima, Noboru (2013-08)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 2(2): 285-321
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