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Snakes of Zaire and Their Bites
  CHIFUNDERA, Kusamba (1990-02)
  African Study Monographs, 10(3): 137-157
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Relationship between Anophelism of Fish Ponds and Malaria Transmission at Lwiro-Katana, Eastern Zaire
  BASABOSE, Kanyunyi (1995-10)
  African Study Monographs, 16(3): 149-158
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The President Exploitation of Agricultural Sector and the Integral Development Process in Zaire
  KAMWANYA, Kalala (1993-10)
  African Study Monographs, 14(3): 135-153
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Taxonomy of Some Fungi Used by the Songola People (Zaire)
  COURTECUISSE, Regis (1995-06)
  African Study Monographs, 16(1): 45-60
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Actual Situation of Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Zaire
  KALALA, Kamwanya (1989-05)
  African Study Monographs, 10(1): 1-38
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Plantes Sauvages Alimentaires chez les Kumu de Masako a Kisangani (Zaire)
  NYAKABWA, Mutabana, BOLA, Mbele, VASOLENE, Kasereka (1990-11)
  African Study Monographs, 11(2): 75-86
Plantes Medicinales Cultivees dans la Zone de Kabondo, a Kisangani (Zaire)
  NYAKABWA, Mutabana, DIBALUKA, Mpulusu (1990-11)
  African Study Monographs, 11(2): 87-99
Plantes Medicinales Utilisees chez les Banyamulenge de Fizi au Sud-Kivu (Zaire)
  NYAKABWA, Mutabana, GAPUSI, Rwihaniza (1990-11)
  African Study Monographs, 11(2): 101-114
Agriculture et Developpement en Afrique Subsaharienne: Une Analyse des Origines, des Contraintes et des Consequences d'une Crise Agricole qui Necessite un Concours plus Consistant de l'Aide Internationale au Developpement et la Volonte Politique de l'Etat Zairois
  MUZIGWA, Kashema (1995-06)
  African Study Monographs, 16(1): 19-33
Zairean Medicinal Plants as Diarrhea Remedies and Their Antibacterial Activities
  MUANZA, Dave Nkongolo, DANGALA, Nzinga Lumingu, MPAY, Olingo (1993-06)
  African Study Monographs, 14(1): 53-63