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dc.contributor.authorCHEBANNE, Andy Monthusija
dc.description.abstractThe indigenous communities of Botswana discussed in this paper are generally referred to as the Khoisan (Khoesan). While there are debates on the common origins of Khoisan communities, the existence of at least fi ve language families suggests a separate evolution that resulted in major grammatical and lexical differences between them. Due to historical confl icts with neighboring groups, they have been pushed far into the most inhospitable areas of the regions where they presently live. The most signifi cant victimization of Khoisan groups by the linguistic majority has been the systematic neglect of their languages and cultures. In fact, social and development programs have attempted to assimilate them into so-called majority ethnic groups and into modernity, and their languages have been diffi cult to conserve in contact situations. This paper provides an overview of these indigenous communities of Botswana and contributes to ongoing research of the region. I discuss reasons for the communities' vulnerability by examining their demography, current localities, and language vitality. I also analyze some adverse effects of development and the danger the Khoisan face due to negative social and political attitudes, and formulate critical areas of intervention for the preservation of these indigenous languages.ja
dc.publisherThe Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto Universityja
dc.subjectIndigenous ethnic communitiesja
dc.subjectKhoisan languages of Botswanaja
dc.subjectLanguage and identityja
dc.subjectLanguage policyja
dc.subjectSociolinguistics of Khoisanja
dc.titleA Sociolinguistic Perspective of the Indigenous Communities of Botswanaja
dc.type.niitypeDepartmental Bulletin Paperja
dc.identifier.jtitleAfrican Study Monographsja
dc.addressFaculty of Humanities, University of Botswana Visiting Fellow of the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University, April – July, 2007ja
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