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dc.contributor.authorIshibashi, Masayoshien
dc.contributor.authorShigematsu, Tsunenobuen
dc.contributor.alternativeイシバシ, マサヨシja
dc.contributor.alternativeシゲマツ, ツネノブja
dc.contributor.transcriptionイシバシ, マサヨシja-Kana
dc.contributor.transcriptionシゲマツ, ツネノブja-Kana
dc.description.abstract1. The relation between the ratio of the amount of an element dissolved in sea-water to that of the same element in the earth's crust and its atomic number was considered, and moreover its relation to the periodic system of elements was given interpretation at the same time. 2. Assuming that ionic potential presents, on the whole, the characters of an element, the authors found a regularity between the ratio of the amount of an element in sea-water to that of the same element in the earth's crust, and ionic potential. 3. The amount of some as yet undermined elements in the sea-water were calculated from the regularity explained herein. 4. The reasons why some sorts of element deviate from the aforesaid regularity were also discussed. 5. By exemplifying with the mean composition of mineral water in Japan, the authors could verify that the similar regularity was also observed in other sorts of water than sea-water, and the appropriateness of its regularity was reaffirmed.en
dc.publisher.alternativeInstitute for Chemical Research, Kyoto Universityen
dc.titleChemical Studies of the Ocean (XL) : On the Regularities of the Amounts of Elements dissolving in Sea Water (2)en
dc.typedepartmental bulletin paper-
dc.type.niitypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper-
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