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dc.contributor.authorMotoyama, Takayasuja
dc.contributor.authorMaruyama, Nobuyukija
dc.contributor.authorAmari, Yoshikija
dc.contributor.authorKobayashi, Kannaja
dc.contributor.authorWashida, Haruhikoja
dc.contributor.authorHigasa, Takahikoja
dc.contributor.authorTakaiwa, Fumioja
dc.contributor.authorUtsumi, Shigeruja
dc.contributor.alternative丸山, 伸之ja
dc.description.abstractThe α' and β subunits of soybean β-conglycinin were expressed in rice seeds in order to improve the nutritional and physiological properties of rice as a food. The α' subunit accumulated in rice seeds at a higher level than the β subunit, but no detectable difference in mRNA transcription level between subunits was observed. Sequential extraction results indicate that the α' subunit formed one or more disulphide bonds with glutelin. Electron microscopic analysis showed that the α' subunit and the β subunit were transported to PB-II together with glutelin. In mature transgenic seeds, the β subunit accumulated in low electron density regions in the periphery of PB-II, whereas the α' subunit accumulated together with glutelin in high-density regions of the periphery. The subcellular localization of mutated α' subunits lacking one cysteine residue in the N-terminal mature region (α'△Cys1) or five cysteine residues in the pro and N-terminal mature regions (α'△Cys5) were also examined. Low-density regions were formed in PB-II in mature seeds of transgenic rice expressing α'△Cys5 and α'△Cys1. α'△Cys5 was localized only in the low-density regions, whereas α'△Cys1 was found in both low- and high-density regions. These results suggest that the α' subunit could make a complex via one or more disulphide bonds with glutelin and accumulate together in PB-II of transgenic rice seeds.ja
dc.publisherOxford University Press(OUP)ja
dc.rightsc 2009 Society for Experimental Biology. 許諾条件により本文は2010-11-01に公開.ja
dc.rightsThis is not the published version. Please cite only the published version. この論文は出版社版でありません。引用の際には出版社版をご確認ご利用ください。ja
dc.subjectDisulphide bondja
dc.titleα' Subunit of soybean β-conglycinin forms complex with rice glutelin via a disulphide bond in transgenic rice seedsja
dc.type.niitypeJournal Articleja
dc.identifier.jtitleJournal of Experimental Botanyja
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