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How do incumbent companies’ heterogeneous responses affect sustainability transitions? Insights from China’s major incumbent power generators
  Mori, Akihisa (2021-06)
  Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 39: 55-72
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Exfiltration and infiltration effect on sewage flow and quality: a case study of Hue, Vietnam
  Watanabe, Ryuichi, Harada, Hidenori, Yasui, Hidenari, Le, Tuan Van, Fujii, Shigeo (2021)
  Environmental Technology, 42(11): 1747-1757
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Mapping Fragmented Impervious Surface Areas Overlooked by Global Land-Cover Products in the Liping County, Guizhou Province, China
  Zhao, Jing, Tsutsumida, Narumasa (2020-5-11)
  Remote Sensing, 12(9)
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Foreign actors, faster transitions? Co-evolution of complementarities, perspectives and sociotechnical systems in the case of Indonesia’s electricity supply system
  Mori, Akihisa (2020-11)
  Energy Research & Social Science, 69
熊野川沿い集落における伝統的な水防建築「アガリヤ」の分布、集落内配置および利用変遷: 和歌山県田辺市本宮町を事例として
  落合, 知帆 (2020-10-25)
  都市計画論文集, 55(3): 1151-1158
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<Chapter 1> Development and Environmental Policy under Neo-Corporatism: Slow Progress toward Pluralistic Decision-Making in Japan
  Mori, Akihisa (2020-09)
  : 1-26
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Democratization, Decentralization and Environmental Governance in East Asia: An Introduction
  Mori, Akihisa (2020-09)
  : 1-23
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  Mori, Akihisa (2020-09)
  : 1-6
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<Chapter 4> China-Japan CDM: Realizing Regional Environmental Benefit?
  Mori, Akihisa (2020-09)
  : Ch4-1-Ch4-19
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<Chapter 1> Transboundary Environmental Pollution and Cooperation between Japan and China: A Historical Review
  MORI, Akihisa, HAYASHI, Tadashi (2020-09)
  : Ch1-1-Ch1-19
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  髙瀬, 和男, 河邊, 大剛, 金, 哲佑, 杉浦, 邦征 (2020-09)
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Challenges and Potentials of Ecological Sanitation: Experiences from the Cases in Vietnam and Malawi
  HARADA, Hidenori, FUJII, Shigeo (2020-03-30)
  Sanitation Value Chain, 4(1): 3-16
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Association between Asian dust exposure and respiratory function in children with bronchial asthma in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
  Nakamura, Takahiro, Nishiwaki, Yuji, Hashimoto, Kunio, Takeuchi, Ayano, Kitajima, Tasuku, Komori, Kazuhiro, Tashiro, Kasumi, Hasunuma, Hideki, Ueda, Kayo, Shimizu, Atsushi, Odajima, Hiroshi, Moriuchi, Hiroyuki, Hashizume, Masahiro (2020-03-04)
  Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 25
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Why Developing Countries Go through an Unsustainable Energy Transition Pathway? The Case of the Philippines from a Political Economic Perspective
  Saculsan, Phoebe Grace, Mori, Akihisa (2020-02-11)
  Journal of Sustainability Research, 2(2)
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Informal Emptying Business in Mandalay: Its Reasons and Financial Impacts
  Naing, Wutyi, Harada, Hidenori, Fujii, Shigeo, Hmwe, Chaw Su Su (2020-01)
  Environmental Management, 65(1): 122-130
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An application of the automatic domain updating to the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia
  Tanaka, Tomohiro, Yoshioka, Hidekazu (2020)
  Hydrological Research Letters, 14(2): 68-74
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  成田, 茉優, 落合, 知帆 (2020)
  都市計画論文集, 55(3): 761-768
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Shifting Cultivation or Oil Palm Plantation? Integrated Assessment of Land Use Change in Dusun Tonggong, Parindu, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
  Ramadhan, Rizky, Mori, Akihisa, Abdoellah, Oekan S. (2020)
  International Journal for Sustainable Future for Human Security, 7(1): 11-17
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Japanese Nationwide Study on the Association between Short-term Exposure to Particulate Matter and Mortality
  Michikawa, Takehiro, Ueda, Kayo, Takami, Akinori, Sugata, Seiji, Yoshino, Ayako, Nitta, Hiroshi, Yamazaki, Shin (2019-12-05)
  Journal of Epidemiology, 29(12): 471-477
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Emissions sharing observations from a diverse range of countries
  Sahu, Sonam, Saizen, Izuru (2019-08)
  Sustainability, 11(15)
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 126