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Loss of males from mixed-sex societies in termites
  Yashiro, Toshihisa; Lo, Nathan; Kobayashi, Kazuya; Nozaki, Tomonari; Fuchikawa, Taro; Mizumoto, Nobuaki; Namba, Yusuke; Matsuura, Kenji (2018-09-25)
  BMC Biology, 16
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Emergence of intercolonial variation in termite shelter tube patterns and prediction of its underlying mechanism
  Mizumoto, Nobuaki; Kobayashi, Kazuya; Matsuura, Kenji (2015-11-04)
  Royal Society Open Science, 2(11)
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Caste-specific and sex-specific expression of chemoreceptor genes in a termite
  Mitaka, Yuki; Kobayashi, Kazuya; Mikheyev, Alexander; Tin, Mandy M. Y.; Watanabe, Yutaka; Matsuura, Kenji (2016-01-13)
  PLOS ONE, 11(1)
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