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Synthesis of optically active oligomers consisting of chiral phosphorus atoms: capture of an intermediate between a polymer and a small molecule
  Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Ouchi, Yuko, Naka, Kensuke, Chujo, Yoshiki (2007)
  TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 48(8): 1451-1455
Synthesis of a stimuli-responsive P-chiral polymer with chiral phosphorus atoms and azobenzene moieties in the main chain
  Ouchi, Yuko, Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Ogoshi, Tomoki, Chujo, Yoshiki (2007)
Synthesis and characterization of π-conjugated polymers with a 2,5-substituted phosphole skeleton
  Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Na, Hai-Sub, Aiki, Yasuhiro, Chujo, Yoshiki (2007)
  POLYMER BULLETIN, 58(5-6): 777-784
Synthesis of the optically active polymer consisting of chiral phosphorus atoms and p-phenylene-ethynylene units
  Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Ouchi, Yuko, Tsurui, Kazuhiko, Chujo, Yoshiki (2007)
  POLYMER BULLETIN, 58(4): 665-671
Synthesis of conjugated polymers containing phosphole with the 5-member fused carbocycle
  Na, Hai-Sub, Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Aiki, Yasuhiro, Chujo, Yoshiki (2007)
  POLYMER BULLETIN, 58(4): 645-652
Synthesis of optically active polymers using P-chiral bisphosphines as anionic initiators
  Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Saito, K., Imoto, H., Suzuki, K., Ouchi, Y., Chujo, Yoshiki (2009-12)
  Polymer Science Series A, 51(11-12): 1218-1228
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Through-space conjugated polymer containing [2.2]paracyclophane and dithiafulvene units in the main chain
  Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Lin, Lin, Chujo, Yoshiki (2009)
  POLYMER BULLETIN, 62(6): 737-747
Synthesis of Block Copolymers with a Pentasilane Core
  Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Otaka, Hiromichi, Naka, Kensuke, Chujo, Yoshiki (2009)
Practical Synthesis of P-Stereogenic Diphosphacrowns
  Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Imoto, Hiroaki, Tsurui, Kazuhiko, Chujo, Yoshiki (2009)
  ORGANIC LETTERS, 11(11): 2241-2244
Polymethylenes Containing [2.2]Paracyclophane in the Side Chain
  Wada, Naoki, Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Chujo, Yoshiki (2009)
  MACROMOLECULES, 42(5): 1439-1442