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Q distribution for long-period P waves in the mantle
  Mikumo, Takeshi, Kurita, Tuneto (1968)
  Journal of Physics of Earth, 16(1): 11-29
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Determination of local phase velocity by intercomparison of seismograms from strain and pendulum instruments
  Mikumo, Takeshi, Aki, Keiiti (1964-02-15)
  Journal of Geophysical Research, 69(4): 721-731
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Atmospheric pressure waves and tectonic deformation associated with the Alaskan earthquake of March 28
  Mikumo, Takeshi (1968-03-15)
  Journal of Geophysical Resesrch, 73(6): 2009-2025
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Mechanism of local earthquakes in Kwanto region, Japan, derived from the amplitude relation of P and S waves
  Mikumo, Takeshi (1962-11-30)
  Bulletin of the Earthquaker Reserch Institute(東京大学地震研究所彙報), 40(3): 399-424
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Some problems on the analysis of the earth tides
  Mikumo, Takeshi, Nakagawa, Ichiro (1968)
  Journal of Physics of Earth, 16(2): 87-95
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Crustal structure in central California in relation to the Sierra Nevada
  Mikumo, Takeshi (1965-02)
  Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 55(1): 65-83
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A study on crustal structure in Japan by the use of seismic and gravity data
  Mikumo, Takeshi (1967-01-30)
  Bulletin of the Earthquaker Reserch Institute(東京大学地震研究所彙報), 44(3): 965-1007
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  清水, 誠 (1960-07-01)
  東洋史研究, 19(1): 65-87
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  山内, 正博 (1960-07-01)
  東洋史研究, 19(1): 37-56
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  增井, 經夫 (1960-07-01)
  東洋史研究, 19(1): 57-64
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