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Reforming postgraduate medical education: lessons from the United Kingdom
  SWANWICK, Tim (2009-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 9: 45-58
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Regionalbibliotheken in Deutschland : Aufgaben und Perspektiven
  Vodosek, Peter (2004-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 4: 85-106
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Ricordo di Ettore Gelpi(II Hommage a Ettore Gelpi, Part 1 Memorial Articles for Ettore Gelpi)
  Meghnagi, Saul (2003-06)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 3: 87-91
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"Saisho-ron" (Discource on Wives and Mistresses) by Arinori Mori
  Hasegawa, Seiichi (2001-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 1: 9-14
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Scanned Image Data of Rare Materials for the Kyoto University Digital Library
  Goto, Keita (2000-03-09)
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School Governors in Britain and the Concept of Lifelong Learning
  Griffin, Peter (2004-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 4: 49-53
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School Libraries as the “Third Place”
  KUNO, Kazuko (2011-11)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 11: 109-118
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Shanghai Public Libraries and Lifelong Education
  Lin, He, Gu, Zhen-Yu, Kawasaki, Yoshitaka (2004-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 4: 135-172
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Sobre Ettore Gelpi(II Hommage a Ettore Gelpi, Part 1 Memorial Articles for Ettore Gelpi)
  Villegas Ramos, Emilio Luis Lucio (2003-06)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 3: 75-76
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Summary of Survey Responses
  Lifelong education and libraries, 2: 190-194
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The educational revolution from Katsuji (print media) to Katsuei (visual media) : Mizuno Shinko and "The Film Education (Katsuei) "
  AKAGAMI, Hiroyuki (2009-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 9: 59-64
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The Library and the City : Evolving Concepts(Lifelong and Continuing Education in Libraries)
  Byrne, Alex (2005-05-01)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 5: 1-9
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The Lifelong Learning Policies in England and Japan : A Means of Building Social Capital?(Part 2 Articles and Conference Papers)
  Okumoto, Kaori (2003-06)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 3: 163-187
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The Origin of "A Well-Informed Hundred Million = Ichioku-Sou-Hakuchika (一億総博知化)": The Theory of Media Cultural Policy of Kondo Haruo (近藤春雄)
  SHIRATO, Kenichiro (2010-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 10: 49-53
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The Public Library : An Agency for Social Inclusion or Exclusion(Lifelong and Continuing Education in Libraries)
  KAWASAKI, Yoshitaka (2005-05-01)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 5: 127-133
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The role of English media in modern Japan: Through the history of English-language newspapers issued by Zumoto Motosada
  MATSUNAGA, Tomoko (2010-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 10: 71-77
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The Role of Public Libraries in Gerontological Education(Lifelong and Continuing Education in Libraries)
  TAKASHIMA, Ryoko (2005-05-01)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 5: 119-126
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The shift in the principle of social integration in the "Roon" movement: from the partition of kyouyou-entertainment to the "trinity of creation"
  NAGASAKI, Reo (2009-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 9: 65-70
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The Study of American Censorship : An Interview with Louise Robbins
  Kawasaki, Yoshitaka (2001-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 1: 63-79
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Trends and Tasks for the lifelong Learning Society in Korea
  Don Min, Choi (2004-03)
  Lifelong education and libraries, 4: 63-73
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