Lifelong education and libraries

発行: Kyoto University, Graduate School of Education, Dept. of Lifelong Education and Libraries (京都大学大学院教育学研究科図書館情報学研究室)
NCID: AA11552762
ISSN: 1346-2288
収録範囲: Number 1(2001-03)-Number 11(2011-11)

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   Number 11   (2011-11)  

     Historical Development of Standards of the American Public Library : From National Standards to Local Planning
    KAWASAKI, Yoshitaka 
     p.1 -11

     Historical Development of Confidentiality of Library Records in the United States
    KAWASAKI, Yoshitaka      LEE, Nancy Shzh-Chen 
     p.13 -24

     Women, Work, and Education in Modern Japan An observation of the career life and the social role of Yayoi Yoshioka
    WATANABE, Yoko 
     p.25 -46

     情况与见解(二) : 关于文化传承与终生学习研究涉及的基本概念与实例
    张, 妙弟      张, 帆 
     p.47 -55

     全球化背景下民俗传统的复兴 : 基于中国北京市朝阳区安贞街道社区元宵游园会的思考
    张, 勃 
     p.57 -71

     충남교육연구소 농촌교육문화공동체 활동 사례 : 지역민의 삶에서 건져낸 문화예술교육
     p.73 -88

     „Körper und Stimme leiht die Schrift dem stummen Gedanken“ Anmerkungen zur Geschichte der Gesprächs-, Schrift- und Lesekultur
    Vodosek, Peter 
     p.89 -99

    李, 霞      川崎, 良孝 
     p.101 -108

     School Libraries as the “Third Place”
    KUNO, Kazuko 
     p.109 -118

     Multicultural Broadcasting Policy of the Manchurian Telegraph and Telephone Company (MTTC)
    SHIRATO, Kenichiro 
     p.119 -131

     Multiple Public Spheres in the Japan Times during World WarII: Focusing on the Asama Maru Incident(1940)
    MATSUNAGA, Tomoko 
     p.133 -146

     What Makes a Good Teacher?
    JARVIS, Peter 
     p.147 -152

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