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Microbial regulation of nitrogen dynamics along the hillslope of a natural forest
  Isobe, Kazuo; Ohte, Nobuhito; Oda, Tomoki; Murabayashi, Sho; Wei, Wei; Senoo, Keishi; Tokuchi, Naoko; Tateno, Ryunosuke (2015-01-07)
  Frontiers in Environmental Science, 2
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Soil nitrogen dynamics during stand development after clear-cutting of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) plantations
  Fukushima, Keitaro; Tateno, Ryunosuke; Tokuchi, Naoko (2011-10)
  Journal of Forest Research, 16(5): 394-404
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Nitrogen resorption efficiency of 13 tree species of a cool temperate deciduous forest in Central Japan
  Tateno, Ryunosuke; Takeda, Hiroshi (2018)
  Journal of Forest Research, 23(2): 91-97
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Soil nitrogen cycling is determined by the competition between mycorrhiza and ammonia-oxidizing prokaryotes
  Tatsumi, Chikae; Taniguchi, Takeshi; Du, Sheng; Yamanaka, Norikazu; Tateno, Ryunosuke (2020-03)
  Ecology, 101(3)
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Nitrogen source utilization in co-existing canopy tree and dwarf bamboo in a northern hardwood forest in Japan
  Tateno, Ryunosuke; Nakayama, Masataka; Yano, Midori; Fukuzawa, Karibu; Inagaki, Yoshiyuki; Koba, Keisuke; Ugawa, Shin (2020-8)
  Trees, 34: 1047-1057
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Microbial functions and soil nitrogen mineralisation processes in the soil of a cool temperate forest in northern Japan
  Nakayama, Masataka; Imamura, Shihomi; Tatsumi, Chikae; Taniguchi, Takeshi; Tateno, Ryunosuke (2021-09)
  Biogeochemistry, 155(3): 359-379
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In-situ measurement of the effect of canopy tree fine roots on nitrogen availability in forest soil
  Nakayama, Masataka; Tateno, Ryunosuke (2021-06)
  Rhizosphere, 18
Rhizosphere effects on soil extracellular enzymatic activity and microbial abundance during the low-temperature dormant season in a northern hardwood forest
  Nakayama, Masataka; Tateno, Ryunosuke (2022-03)
  Rhizosphere, 21