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Conditional discrimination in Octopus vulgaris
  Tokuda, Koji; Masuda, Reiji; Yamashita, Yoh (2015-01)
  Journal of Ethology, 33(1): 35-40
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Spatiotemporal occurrence of summer ichthyoplankton in the southeast Beaufort Sea
  Suzuki, Keita W.; Bouchard, Caroline; Robert, Dominique; Fortier, Louis (2015-09)
  Polar Biology, 38(9): 1379-1389
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Internal skeletal analysis of the colonial azooxanthellate scleractinian Dendrophyllia cribrosa using microfocus X-ray CT images: Underlying basis for its rigid and highly adaptive colony structure.
  Sentoku, Asuka; Morisaki, Hitomi; Masumoto, Shinji; Ohno, Rie; Tomiyama, Takayuki; Ezaki, Yoichi (2015-01)
  Journal of structural biology, 189(1): 37-43
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Can red sea bream Pagrus major learn about feeding and avoidance through the observation of conspecific behavior in video playback?
  Takahashi, Kohji; Masuda, Reiji; Yamashita, Yoh (2015-07)
  Fisheries Science, 81(4): 679-685
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Environmental stimuli improve learning capability in striped knifejaw juveniles: the stage-specific effect of environmental enrichment and the comparison between wild and hatchery-reared fish
  Makino, Hirona; Masuda, Reiji; Tanaka, Masaru (2015-11)
  Fisheries Science, 81(6): 1035-1042
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Rhopilema asamushi Uchida (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa, Rhizostomidae) newly occurred in Tanabe Bay, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
  Hanzawa, Naoto; Gotoh, Ryo O.; Kawamura, Mariko; Kubota, Shin (2015-09-20)
  Biogeography, 17: 125-127
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Morphology of newly liberated medusae of Turritopsis spp. (Hydrozoa, Oceanidae) from Japan and abroad
  Kubota, Shin (2015-09-20)
  Biogeography, 17: 129-131
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Eugymnanthea japonica (Hydrozoa, Eirenidae) spawns by illumination of red light
  Kubota, Shin (2015-09-20)
  Biogeography, 17: 87-89
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Biogeography in Cellana (Patellogastropoda, Nacellidae) with Special Emphasis on the Relationships of Southern Hemisphere Oceanic Island Species
  González-Wevar, Claudio A.; Nakano, Tomoyuki; Palma, Alvaro; Poulin, Elie (2017-01-18)
  PLOS ONE, 12(1)
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Impacts of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) invasion on dry matter and carbon and nitrogen stocks in a broad-leaved secondary forest located in Kyoto, western Japan
  Fukushima, Keitaro; Usui, Nobuaki; Ogawa, Ryo; Tokuchi, Naoko (2014-10-21)
  Plant Species Biology, 30(2): 81-95
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