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Statistical Analysis of Various Models   16

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  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603
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臨床試験における用量反応性試験について (種々のモデルの統計的解析)
  柿爪, 智行 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 1-10
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疾病地図と統計解析 (種々のモデルの統計的解析)
  高橋, 邦彦 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 11-24
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Bayes estimation under the LINEX loss (Statistical Analysis of Various Models)
  大谷内, 奈穂 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 25-37
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確率論的地震動予測地図で用いられるモデルについて (種々のモデルの統計的解析)
  河合, 伸一 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 38-42
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縮小型推定法における自由度の不偏推定について (種々のモデルの統計的解析)
  加藤, 賢悟 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 43-49
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A Simulation Study on Bayesian Simultaneous Demand and Supply Model with Market-Level Data (Statistical Analysis of Various Models)
  YONETANI, Yutaka, KANAZAWA, Yuichiro, MYOJO, Satoshi (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 50-72
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A Financial Market Model to Grasp Risk and Correlation (Statistical Analysis of Various Models)
  鹿島, 浩之 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 73-79
On the asymptotic inference for locally stationary processes (Statistical Analysis of Various Models)
  Hirukawa, Junichi (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 80-93
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構造的勾配モデルの許容領域について (種々のモデルの統計的解析)
  清, 智也 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 94-101
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Generalized Linear Models Using Trajectories Estimated from a Linear Mixed Model (Statistical Analysis of Various Models)
  Maruyama, Nami (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 102-110
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k-nearest neighbours 判別を用いたクラスター解析のバリデーション (種々のモデルの統計的解析)
  浦田, 正夫 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 111-119
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Computation of Conditional Independence Using Cain Polynomials (Statistical Analysis of Various Models)
  Wang, Jinfang (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 120-129
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Note on Estimating the Intrinsic Dimension of High Dimension, Low Sample Size Data (Statistical Analysis of Various Models)
  矢田, 和善, 青嶋, 誠 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 130-141
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LINEX損失関数の下での一般化Bayes推定量の許容性について (種々のモデルの統計的解析)
  田中, 秀和 (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 142-153
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Minimax approach to sequential Bernoulli trials (Statistical Analysis of Various Models)
  Takeuchi, Kei, Akahira, Masafumi (2008-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1603: 154-172
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List Of Items (Sorted by table of contents in Ascending order): 1 to 16 of 16