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NHC-catalyzed thioesterification of aldehydes by external redox activation
  Uno, Takuya, Inokuma, Tsubasa, Takemoto, Yoshiji (2012-02-11)
  Chemical communications, 48(13): 1901-1903
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N-Heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed direct cross-aza-benzoin reaction: Efficient synthesis of α-amino-β-keto esters
  Uno, Takuya, Kobayashi, Yusuke, Takemoto, Yoshiji (2012-09-10)
  Beilstein journal of organic chemistry, 8: 1499-1504
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Study of Ring-Opening Reaction of Spiro[5.2]octenes with Aqueous Hydro­halic Acid: Substituent Effect on the Regioselectivity
  Nagamoto, Yuuki, Takemoto, Yoshiji, Takasu, Kiyosei (2012-12-19)
  Synlett, 24(01): 120-124
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