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A Support System to Accumulate Interpretations of Multiple Story Timelines
  Ohmoto, Yoshimasa, Ookaki, Takashi, Nishida, Toyoaki (2016)
  Procedia Computer Science, 96: 607-616
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Karlin–McGregor-like formula in a simple time-inhomogeneous birth–death process
  Ohkubo, Jun (2014-09-18)
  Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 47(40)
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Probabilistic evaluation of interconnectable capacity for wind power generation
  Kashima, Kenji, Kato, Masakazu, Imura, Jun-ichi, Aihara, Kazuyuki (2014-09-26)
  The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 223(12): 2493-2501
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A Comprehensive Survey of Potential Game Approaches to Wireless Networks
  YAMAMOTO, Koji (2015-09-01)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E98.B(9): 1804-1823
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An Iterative MIMO Receiver Employing Virtual Channels with a Turbo Decoder for OFDM Wireless Systems
  TAYA, Akihito, DENNO, Satoshi, YAMAMOTO, Koji, MORIKURA, Masahiro, UMEHARA, Daisuke, MURATA, Hidekazu, YOSHIDA, Susumu (2015-05-01)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E98.B(5): 878-889
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Rate Adaptation Based on Exposure Assessment Using Rectenna Output for WLAN Station Powered with Microwave Power Transmission
  YAMASHITA, Shota, SAKAGUCHI, Koichi, HUANG, Yong, YAMAMOTO, Koji, NISHIO, Takayuki, MORIKURA, Masahiro, SHINOHARA, Naoki (2015-09-01)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E98.B(9): 1785-1794
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Possibility of Deconfined Criticality in SU(N) Heisenberg Models at Small N
  Harada, Kenji, Suzuki, Takafumi, Okubo, Tsuyoshi, Matsuo, Haruhiko, Lou, Jie, Watanabe, Hiroshi, Todo, Synge, Kawashima, Naoki (2013-12-13)
  Physical Review B, 88(22)
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Bayesian inference in the scaling analysis of critical phenomena
  Harada, Kenji (2011-11-18)
  Physical Review E, 84(5)
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SU(N)Heisenberg model with multicolumn representations
  Okubo, Tsuyoshi, Harada, Kenji, Lou, Jie, Kawashima, Naoki (2015-10-05)
  Physical Review B, 92(13)
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Numerical study of incommensurability of the spiral state on spin-1/2 spatially anisotropic triangular antiferromagnets using entanglement renormalization
  Harada, Kenji (2012-11-16)
  Physical Review B, 86(18)
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