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Genetic basis of species-specific genitalia reveals role in species diversification
  Fujisawa, Tomochika, Sasabe, Masataka, Nagata, Nobuaki, Takami, Yasuoki, Sota, Teiji (2019-06-05)
  Science Advances, 5(6)
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  今元, 泰 (2015)
  生物物理, 55(6): 299-304
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水文科学が解き明かす不思議な天然水 : 3. 様々な色を呈する別府の地獄
  大沢, 信二 (2011)
  日本水文科学会誌, 41(3): 103-110
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Shift in Conformational Equilibrium Induces Constitutive Activity of G-Protein-Coupled Receptor, Rhodopsin
  Maeda, Ryo, Hiroshima, Michio, Yamashita, Takahiro, Wada, Akimori, Sako, Yasushi, Shichida, Yoshinori, Imamoto, Yasushi (2018-05-10)
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 122(18): 4838-4843
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Red-Tuning of the Channelrhodopsin Spectrum Using Long Conjugated Retinal Analogues
  Shen, Yi-Chung, Sasaki, Toshikazu, Matsuyama, Take, Yamashita, Takahiro, Shichida, Yoshinori, Okitsu, Takashi, Yamano, Yumiko, Wada, Akimori, Ishizuka, Toru, Yawo, Hiromu, Imamoto, Yasushi (2018-09-25)
  Biochemistry, 57(38): 5544-5556
Alternative Formation of Red-Shifted Channelrhodopsins: Noncovalent Incorporation with Retinal-Based Enamine-Type Schiff Bases and Mutated Channelopsin
  Okitsu, Takashi, Matsuyama, Take, Yamashita, Takahiro, Ishizuka, Toru, Yawo, Hiromu, Imamoto, Yasushi, Shichida, Yoshinori, Wada, Akimori (2017-04-01)
  Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 65(4): 356-358
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Dynamics of Conformational Changes in Full-Length Phytochrome from Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 (Cph1) Monitored by Time-Resolved Translational Diffusion Detection
  Takeda, Kimitoshi, Terazima, Masahide (2019-06-18)
  Biochemistry, 58(24): 2720-2729
Time Evolution of Broadband Nonthermal Emission from Supernova Remnants in Different Circumstellar Environments
  Yasuda, Haruo, Lee, Shiu-Hang (2019-05-01)
  Astrophysical Journal, 876
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3-D inversion of magnetic data based on the L1-L2 norm regularization
  Utsugi, Mitsuru (2019-07-03)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 71
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On the authorship of the genus-group name Curtipleon (Crustacea: Tanaidacea: Metapseudidae)
  Kakui, Keiichi, Nakano, Takafumi (2019-07-25)
  Species Diversity, 24(2): 179-180
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