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Evaluating the ontogenetic external morphology of an ectoparasitic Torix tukubana (Hirudinida: Glossiphoniidae), with records of its new host amphibian species
  Kambayashi, Chiaki, Kurabayashi, Atsushi, Nakano, Takafumi (2019-02)
  Parasitology Research, 118(2): 663-666
Recent Progress of Targeted G-Quadruplex-Preferred Ligands Toward Cancer Therapy
  Asamitsu, Sefan, Obata, Shunsuke, Yu, Zutao, Bando, Toshikazu, Sugiyama, Hiroshi (2019-01-24)
  Molecules, 24(3)
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Gas flow dynamics in the conduit of Strombolian explosions inferred from seismo-acoustic observations at Aso volcano, Japan
  Ishii, Kyoka, Yokoo, Akihiko, Kagiyama, Tsuneomi, Ohkura, Takahiro, Yoshikawa, Shin, Inoue, Hiroyuki (2019-02-02)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 71
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The regulatory pathway from genes directly activated by maternal factors to muscle structural genes in ascidian embryos
  Yu, Deli, Oda-Ishii, Izumi, Kubo, Atsushi, Satou, Yutaka (2019-02-04)
  Development, 146(3)
Synthesis of Meso-Diarylaminocorroles via SNAr Reactions
  Ueta, Kento, Tanaka, Takayuki, Osuka, Atsuhiro (2019-02-01)
  Molecules, 24(3)
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Contrasting effects of habitat discontinuity on three closely related fungivorous beetle species with diverging host-use patterns and dispersal ability
  Kobayashi, Takuya, Sota, Teiji (2019-03)
  Ecology and Evolution, 9(5): 2475-2486
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Low-Temperature Quantum Fokker–Planck and Smoluchowski Equations and Their Extension to Multistate Systems
  Ikeda, Tatsushi, Tanimura, Yoshitaka (2019-4-9)
  Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 15(4): 2517-2534
Diffusion of interface and heat conduction in the three-dimensional Ising model
  Masumoto, Yusuke, Takesue, Shinji (2019-5-20)
  Physical Review E, 99(5)
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Altitudinal variation in life-history traits in the lawn ground cricket, Polionemobius mikado
  Matsuda, Naoki, Numata, Hideharu (2019-06)
  Entomological Science, 22(2): 198-204
Exact solution to a Liouville equation with Stuart vortex distribution on the surface of a torus
  Sakajo, Takashi (2019-04-03)
  Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 475(2224)
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