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Direct estimation of near-surface damping based on normalized energy density
  Goto, H.; Kawamura, Y.; Sawada, S.; Akazawa, T. (2013-06-10)
  Geophysical Journal International, 194(1): 488-498
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Modelling of wave propagation and attenuation in the Osaka sedimentary basin, western Japan, during the 2013 Awaji Island earthquake
  Asano, Kimiyuki; Sekiguchi, Haruko; Iwata, Tomotaka; Yoshimi, Masayuki; Hayashida, Takumi; Saomoto, Hidetaka; Horikawa, Haruo (2016-02-01)
  Geophysical Journal International, 204(3): 1678-1694
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Piezomagnetic fields arising from the propagation of teleseismic waves in magnetized crust with finite conductivity
  Yamazaki, Ken’ichi (2011-02)
  Geophysical Journal International, 184(2): 626-638
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Temporal variations in magnetic signals generated by the piezomagnetic effect for dislocation sources in a uniform medium
  Yamazaki, Ken'ichi (2016-07)
  Geophysical Journal International, 206(1): 130-141
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Bayesian approach for detecting dynamically triggered very low-frequency earthquakes in the Nankai subduction zone and application to the 2016 Mw5.9 off-Kii Peninsula earthquake, Japan
  Miyazawa, Masatoshi (2019-05)
  Geophysical Journal International, 217(2): 1123-1140
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Estimation of dynamic friction of the Akatani landslide from seismic waveform inversion and numerical simulation
  Yamada, Masumi; Mangeney, Anne; Matsushi, Yuki; Moretti, Laurent (2016-9-1)
  Geophysical Journal International, 206(3): 1479-1486
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Identifying landslides from continuous seismic surface waves: a case study of multiple small-scale landslides triggered by Typhoon Talas, 2011
  Okuwaki, Ryo; Fan, Wenyuan; Yamada, Masumi; Osawa, Hikaru; Wright, Tim J. (2021-08)
  Geophysical Journal International, 226(2): 729-741
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