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Parametric instability of classical Yang-Mills fields in a color magnetic background
  Tsutsui, Shoichiro, Iida, Hideaki, Kunihiro, Teiji, Ohnishi, Akira (2015-04-01)
  Physical Review D, 91(7)
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Polyakov loop effects on the phase diagram in strong-coupling lattice QCD
  Miura, Kohtaroh, Kawamoto, Noboru, Nakano, Takashi Z., Ohnishi, Akira (2017-06-01)
  Physical Review D, 95(11)
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Superfluid Fermi atomic gas as a quantum simulator for the study of the neutron-star equation of state in the low-density region
  van Wyk, Pieter, Tajima, Hiroyuki, Inotani, Daisuke, Ohnishi, Akira, Ohashi, Yoji (2018-01)
  Physical Review A, 97(1)
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Entropy production from chaoticity in Yang-Mills field theory with use of the Husimi function
  Tsukiji, Hidekazu, Iida, Hideaki, Kunihiro, Teiji, Ohnishi, Akira, Takahashi, Toru T. (2016-11-01)
  Physical Review D, 94(9)
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Quark number holonomy and confinement-deconfinement transition
  Kashiwa, Kouji, Ohnishi, Akira (2016-06-01)
  Physical Review D, 93(11)
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Lambda-Lambda Correlation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
  Morita, Kenji, Furumoto, Takenori, Ohnishi, Akira (2015-06)
  EPJ Web of Conferences, 97
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Toward solving the sign problem with path optimization method
  Mori, Yuto, Kashiwa, Kouji, Ohnishi, Akira (2017-12-01)
  Physical Review D, 96(11)
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pΞ⁻ Correlation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions with Nucleon-Hyperon Interaction from Lattice QCD
  Hatsuda, Tetsuo, Morita, Kenji, Ohnishi, Akira, Sasaki, Kenji (2017-11)
  Nuclear Physics A, 967: 856-859
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Neutron Star Matter EOS in RMF with Multi-Body Couplings
  Ohnishi, Akira, Tsubakihara, Kohsuke, Harada, Toru (2017)
  Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC2016)
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Erratum: Probing neutron-proton dynamics by pions [Phys. Rev. C 93, 044612 (2016)]
  Ikeno, Natsumi, Ono, Akira, Nara, Yasushi, Ohnishi, Akira (2018-06)
  Physical Review C, 97(6)
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