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Neutrino emission from nearby supernova progenitors
  Yoshida, Takashi, Takahashi, Koh, Umeda, Hideyuki (2016-05)
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 718
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Lambda-Lambda Correlation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
  Morita, Kenji, Furumoto, Takenori, Ohnishi, Akira (2015-06)
  EPJ Web of Conferences, 97
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Neutron Star Matter EOS in RMF with Multi-Body Couplings
  Ohnishi, Akira, Tsubakihara, Kohsuke, Harada, Toru (2017)
  Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC2016)
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Hadron-hadron Correlation And Interaction from Heavy-ion Collisions
  Ohnishi, Akira (2017-05-09)
  Proceedings of Science, 281
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Fluctuation effects on QCD phase diagram at strong coupling
  Terukazu, Ichihara, Akira, Ohnishi (2015-5-21)
  Proceedings of Science, 214
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Roberge-Weiss periodicity and confinement-deconfinement transition
  Kouji, Kashiwa, Akira, Ohnishi (2017-03-24)
  Proceedings of Science, 256
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Study of entropy production in Yang-Mills theory with use of Husimi function
  Tsukiji, Hidekazu, Iida, Hideaki, Kunihiro, Teiji, Ohnishi, Akira, Takahashi, Toru (2016-07-15)
  Proceedings of Science, 251
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Hadron Interactions from lattice QCD
  Aoki, Sinya (2016-03-25)
  EPJ Web of Conferences, 113
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Husimi distribution for nucleon tomography
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Hagiwara, Yoshikazu (2016-03-21)
  EPJ Web of Conferences, 112
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Heterotic string field theory and new relations extending L ∞ algebra
  Kunitomo, Hiroshi (2019-04-24)
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1194(1)
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